This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated. is full of poo!

Lilac is a mad cackling example of OP-ness! BUT everytime I’d look at for the affliction warlock I’d get depressed. says I should be kicking around 1k dps.. and instead I’m -sometimes- hitting 750. What gives?

Seriously.. I’ve been in a funk thinking I sucked. Then I started checking their numbers.

Max DPS On the right hand side they show the individual DPS of each spell (Shadow Bolt, Corruption, Curse of Agony, etc) and a quick session with Dr. Boom confirms that their numbers are “close enough”. BUT the number at the bottom.. That’s what you get if you add all the individual DPS numbers above up.

Huh? Wha? Wait.

So I’m perfectly ok saying that Shadow Bolt’s getting 475 dps.. when I chain cast it.

And I’m prefectly ok saying that Corruption is at 142 dps.. as long as I don’t overwrite any.. and I keep them up back-to-back.

But I can’t chain cast Shadow Bolts and keep Corruprtion up while also keeping up Unstable Affliction, Siphon Life and Curse of Agony. There’s sluff in there. There’s missed Shadow bolts if only because of the global cooldown. Even a computer.. casting the 100% most maximum rotation is going to be unable to do that. It’s just not possible.

So.. is full of poo.

True.. that would be my DPS when all the dots are up and I’m chain casting shadow bolts.. but that’s only for um.. 13.5/18 seconds of every fight. That’s 75%. So if only 75% of the fight is chain casting Shadow bolts.. that drops SB’s DPS to ~356. AH-ha!

So the next question is.. how do I bump that up?

Faster casts, shorter gcd, more shadow/spell damage.

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8 comments to is full of poo!

  • BitterCupOJoe

    Sadly, probably the easiest way to get your DPS up is to respec to a destruction spec, assuming you’ve got the spell damage to support it, and spam shadow bolts.

  • Nibuca

    True… but I don’t want easy. :)

  • Ron

    i will presume you have capped your hit rating, using Suppression is needed.

    by the time you dont need supression to get the hit rate cap, you are prolly on your way to +1.3k shad dam or more, then when people spec to destruction and bolt-spam-2-button-raiding (can be 1-button if you write a macro).

    it is that time that a warlock is back to its root, a mage.

    admittedly, i still find afflict @ raid more fun, because i get to press more buttons…

  • Nibuca

    hit rating capped … check
    spec’d -out- of suppression .. check
    unbuffed +shadow damage 1.2k … check
    crit 14.5% … check

    I -DON’T- CARE if I have the ticks on the list in order to spec destruction. I -DON’T- WANT TO!

    So, that being said.. and staying true to being a WARLOCK. I’m looking into other ways to raise my DPS.

    To fix the problem you must first know the problem. Then the answer becomes obvious. I’m still figuring out the problem.

  • khassad

    I checked Lilac in armory and in my opinion gems can be greatly improved.

    As an affliction warlock, spellcrit is almost useless (+10 more spell crit contribute 1.86 DPS, while +10 spelldmg about 5.99 DPS). Replace spellcrit gems with spelldmg gems or hit+dmg. Replace also pure stamina gems.

    For what spellhit concerns, you need 76 spellhit to cap hit rating for affliction spells, while you still need 202 to cap for shadow bolts. So with 107 spellhit you miss about 7.5% shadow bolt against lvl73 boss. In the long term also affliction warlocks reach 202 spellhit cap and remove suppression from talent tree.

    all IMHO :)

  • mbf

    I feel your pain. My warlock has all the checkpoints you have and I also don’t want to be a sb-spamming destrolock. I rolled a warlock, not a shadowmage.

    If you want mad dps though – you need to do what we did on kilrogg-eu last night and raid SW and Ironforge and kill all the kings. I was keeping all my dots up on the king and pretty much spamming Seed of Corruption on guards and players.

    It was a provoked attack, though. Alliance attacked Orgrimmar and Undercity with about 30-35 players and got beaten back so we retalliated with a full 40.

    I had about 1500 dps for the fight :)

    Seed of corruption starts losing damage at >10 targets, so the trick is to really spread them about so they’re hitting different groups.

    Seeing 15-20k explosions brought a warm glow to my cold undead heart.

  • Nibuca

    Thanks for the comment. Lilac logged out in her farming/trash cloths. For instances/raids I change a couple of pieces around and easily hit 202.

    I will review my gems. Thanks!

  • I don’t know if Lilac’s already doing it, but a macro that uses any eligible trinkets whenever there up will up your dps significantly as well. My trinkets are Xi’ri’s gift and Scryers Blood gem. I have a macro for every spell in my rotation that goes something like:
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast Seed of Corruption

    I think I remember reading sometime back that your a macro hog so this may be irrelevant but if not give it a try.