This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

I can had vacation

Pennsic 37I was here. Remember that other hobby I occasionally talk about? The SCA? No. Hrm.. You need to pay more attention.

Ok. For my other all-time-consuming hobby I play in the SCA (The Society for Creative Anachronism). It’s a medieval recreation group that studies and recreates the middle ages (from 600-1600 AD). I cook and sew. Fiancee fights and makes armor (This is heavy marshal combat where they wear medieval armor for protection and use rattan weapons). Together we camp in a medieval-like manner and occasionally go to “war”. An SCA war is when several large groups get together to fight on the battle field.. and then drink and carouse together afterwards. Oh.. there’s also some really great class.. and shopping.

Pictured is the Pennsic battlefield. Pennsic is the largest SCA war. The event lasts for two weeks. I was only able to go for “War Week”, the second week. This picture shows only a slice of the encampments. There were ~10,000 people in attendance. Think of Pennsic as a medievally themed Burning Man.. only without the caustic alkoli desert that will strip your flesh off your bones. Oh.. and with more medieval classes and shopping. Did I mention the shopping? (I so totally blew my budget)

It was -terribly- fun. If you ever get a chance, I -highly- recommend it.


While at war I spent exactly 10 minutes thinking about the game. Transcript follows:

OMG! What if all the new recruits quit the guild and I come back to a gutted and empty ghost guild made up of only 2-3 “regulars” and their alts who drift along doing Karazhan and leveling even more alts until Wrath comes out.

Hmm.. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad.

Oh, hey look, they have Gyros for sale in Merchants Row. Yum!

I got back home early Monday morning (2am) and had Monday off.. so after I’d caught up on my sleep I was able to play for a while.

The game looks.. different after a break.. things are more interesting.. and have more details when you come back to it.. you also notice the oddest things:
– Draenei have blue blood. When they’re in melee and are being hit.. blue (or possibly green) droplets fly off of them.
– Tatia’s lips are black. I mean I noticed them before.. but I thought they were dark red.. nope.. they’re black.

I expect this expanded perspective will wear off in a day or so. Too bad.

We did actually have one new recruit who left the guild. From talking to others it seems he didn’t feel he was getting enough help/being acknowledged. I’m bothered by this.. but I’m not going to dwell on it.

I also came back to about 3-4 more new recruits. Fun fun fun.

And yesterday I -finally- got Exalted with Kurenai with Tatia. So finally she’s riding a cobalt Talbuk. About damn time.

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7 comments to I can had vacation

  • Pertius

    Haha that sounds awesome!

    I was thinking about taking Ep̩e de Geurre as my PE class next year (Sword of War :D ) Рthis just about sold me!

  • Nice to hear you had a great vacation and a good break from WoW. You were greatly missed in your absence of not having your blog to read.

    As for that one recruit that quit because no one gave him attention/help, sound like someone a bit dependent on others. I guess i should quit my guild too since no one in my guild EVER helped me level my Hunter to 70 either huh. I guess that person wasn’t the ideal recruit your guild was looking for either.

    Galohearts last blog post..I Just Got Me A Beta Invite!

  • Tarana

    Thanks for the SCA reminder. I has a friend that was heavy into it that moved away. She would loan me her gowns. We would make liqueors and have a blast. Think I will start making liqueors again.
    I am glad you could play in the real world with friends and the guild was still there when you get back.
    I know that feeling to go away and have things look fresh when you get back.

  • Ruex

    I know the fun you speak of. I used to LARP, and for those who don’t know what that is.. just take SCA and mix it with some D&D flare.
    Its alot of fun like the SCA, but no way I could do it now. It was fun back in High school and I will keep it there. I Recently saw a Video (joys of facebook) of a past LARP event of people I used to play with… and wow. I looked to my Fiancee (who used to play) and asked “Did it always look that dumb?”. she replied “yeah. always”

    Glad you got sleep when you got back. Those type of events are tons of fun, but sleep is at a premium. Have fun, and happy Recruiting.

  • Nibuca

    Well duh, Larping is totally dumb.. it’s no where near as cool as the SCA.. (shh don’t throw rocks at my glass house.. it’s fun here).

  • FrenchDan, DWS

    Pennsic is So Awesome.

    BTW, you going to Coronation?

  • Nibuca

    We are planning to attend Purgatorio. Fiancee will be driving down on Friday and I’ll join him Friday night.