This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Waste of damn time

ZhevraNO! It is evil and bad to think to ones self, “self, if you multiboxed you could get a new copy of the game, two months of playtime, one month of free time and a shiny new Zhevra. I mean it’s only $70.. and well it’s a Zhevra. You know you want to.”

Now, I’ve toyed with the idea of multi-boxing.. but not really.. I’m intrigued by it.. but it seems like a lot of work.. but the evil little monkey deep down inside is say “psst.. try it.. then when you decide you don’t like multi boxing.. at least you’ll have a Zhevra.”

BAD MONKEY! No biscuit for you. *grumble*

*sigh* wish I had friends who didn’t play the game.

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5 comments to Waste of damn time

  • Ah, but you see, here’s the problem: deep down, just like myself, you’re a geek, and you know you’d like it. :P

  • I am seriously considering a second account as well. My SO could get a zhevra, and I could have more characters on my favorite server. Win win, right? Might pick up a WoW Battle Chest soon.

  • I’ve considered it… just ‘cuz I’m not working at the moment, and my husband’s computer has WoW installed and sits right beside mine… and I could transfer my enchanter to that new account for MUCH for utility…

    … and come on, it’s a ZHEVRA!

    T-Sonns last blog post..April May Be the Cruelest Month…

  • Be sure you know the “hidden costs” before you launch into a recruit-an-alt program. The minimum is about $50 but by the time we were all said and done we had spent over $100. I have a couple of posts about our experiences on my blog.

    We have 4 people in our guild double-boxing alts. You don’t need two computers, though – just one capable of running the client twice. With the exception of my husband that’s rerolling Tauren Warrior (from the Orc flavor) all the rest of us just want some alts available in the expansion. For me it’s a flower picker.

    We’ve even talked about recruiting-an-alt on the opposite faction so we have some variety there, too. I think we’re addicted to fast leveling now, but how can you not love +15k per quest exp at level 40?

    Valyres last blog post..Alts and GQuits