This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
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LFG: Wishlist Feature Set

LFGTL;DR version
The current LFG tools sucks.

I think it needs the following features:
– Signup for more than 3 places
– Save signups per toon
– Allow you to monitor LFG for a toon’s signups even when you’re on an alt.
– Allow you to inspect (gear/talents) people in the LFG queues.

***Beware Wall of Text follows***

Detailed version

I hate the LFG tool. I think it fails in many respects. It currently works in a way that was easiest for the programmers to implement.. but it does a very poor job of meeting the user’s needs. It’s a classic programming problem.

I want to be able to setup a list of dungeons/raids that I want to do with -this- toon and have it saved from one login to the next. Let’s say that Tatia (my holy Pally) needs to get CE rep, get a drop out of Shadow Labs, has a quest to finish in H-Shattered Halls, and would love to help with a Gruul’s or Mags if there were pug spots open. I want to be able to put myself into the LFG tool for these places and have these saved from one login to the next. I don’t want to have to set this up every time I log in. I want to be able to set this up for each of my toons.

I want to be able to play one of my alts and yet still be alerted in a LFG opportunity comes up that’s on my list for one of my other toons. Say I’ve decided to go play my lowbie hunter, Nocc. I still want to know if someone starts putting together a Gruul’s run (something that’s on Tatia’s LFG list). So even though I’m playing Nocc, I want Tatia to show up in the LFG tool as “available” to people looking to build a group. The tool should indicate that Tatia, the toon, is interested.. but is playing an alt.. so would take 2-3 mins to log over.
– I also want to be able to easily put it on hold.. as in “right now I’m playing Nocc and I’m not interested in getting into a group.. but keep my settings saved.. just don’t put me in LFG”.
– Similarly, if I’m in an instance I should not be in LFG on any toon.
– If a group is forming.. and I’m playing Nocc.. and Tatia is in LFG.. then if the group wants to whisper Tatia then the whisper should come to Nocc.. but I should have some way to whisper back that masks Nocc as Tatia. -I- know that Nocc an Tatia are both my toons.. but I don’t necessarily want to share that information with the world. So whispers(or message) TO Tatia should come to Nocc… and I should be able to whisper back AS Tatia. They’re both on this account.. It just makes sense to me.

As a group builder, I want to be able to tell who is a tank/heal/dsp toon without having to look them up on the Armory. I also want to be able to inspect their gear/talents. Right now it’s a two step process, find somone, look them up in the Armory. It’s just silly that this can’t be all at my fingertips immediately in the game.

It’d be really nice if the LFG tool could do something like Be.Imba.. so if Tatia’s in LFG for Gruul’s, I, as the group builder, would really appreciate an easy way to say if she is at least minimally geared to fill a spot in Gruul’s.

You could probably get all of the above in an addon.. but the problem is it would only work for all of those people who use the addon. I’d much rather it be built into the UI.

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2 comments to LFG: Wishlist Feature Set

  • Ruex

    Sounds like some one wants there cake, and to eat it too…

  • Avonar

    This is really great stuff… if they’d implement half of it, it would be great.

    To add my own suggestion: don’t limit the instances to stuff that’s too low level for your toon. Sometimes I want to help out someone else and I can’t even see that instance in LFG.

    Avonars last blog post..In the bag