This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

(BETA) The making of a Death Knight

While wandering around the Ziggaurat my baby Death Knight, Aoem, found.. well it looked like a dead Lilac (Lilac is my “main” toon, a 70 warlock gnome). This allowed me the opportunity to poke fun at myself.. and to film the successful making of a death knight.

I also filmed an unsuccessful making of a death knight. LMK if you want me to post it.

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5 comments to (BETA) The making of a Death Knight

  • Delecious from Mal'Ganis

    It amuses me to see dead people lying around… I remember when I was leveling my horde toons, there was this one gnome in the middle of the outer area of Undercity with the green hair and a white robe… I forget what his name was, but he strongly reminded me of Caesar.

    Will view the video when I’m not on a filtered work computer.

  • Leo Diogenes

    Wow, thats the first time I’ve ever seen your interface without scores of addons.


  • Nibuca

    It burns us!

    No really.. Ok.. so playing without addons is like being blind deaf and having my hands tied.

    So far I’ve added in my bag addon and recount and IceHud. I really want a bar mod. *sigh*

  • Heh.. ahh, addons :x I can’t live without at least a totem addon and xPerl and some shape or form of deadly boss mods >_>

  • Great video. My absolute FAVORITE part was your giggle at that end. <3

    hydras last blog post..Yarr Fellow Pirates