This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Tick Tick Tick

In which I -blah- about the boring stuff I did last night. Read on at your own risk.

We only had 21 people on in time for the second try at SSC. Weaver called the raid off. Fiancee formed up a ZA instead. I wasn’t in it. I tried to get a Heroic group together so I could finish off everything for the Champion of the Naaru title (Lilac needs H-Slabs and H-Shattered Halls). Mags is on Saturday.

No healers were available. After about an hour I went and played in the beta for a while. Well.. that’s a mis-statement. I logged into the beta and poked at .lua and .xml code for a while trying to get an addon to work. I think I’m starting to understand it.

Finally it started to sound like we might actually get a group together to goto one of the Heroics I needed. I logged over.. and sat around for 20 mins while everyone discussed the prerequisites for the Heroic quests. Finally they decided that we’d go and kill Ruul the Darkener in SMV. *grumble* *fine*

Right after we killed him the first time someone piped up to say they needed to kill him. *fume* Ok, fine. We ran back there and killed him again. As we were finishing it another guildie asked who it was we were killing.


By this time we had a healer.. but no tank. *sigh* In short order the healer logged off..and then a couple guildies mentioned they needed to go into H-SP to get or turn in that quest. We didn’t have a “tank” but we did have a “dps warrior”. I volunteered to heal on my Pally. So we had a group (yeah).

Even though H-SP is the easiest heroic.. it’s still a heroic. There were a couple of the mobs in there that are mashmellos. Those pulls were nice and easy. There were a couple of other mobs (Defenders I’m looking at you). Those were painful. We did make it through. DPS warriors are surprisingly squishy.

So.. for the night.. I acquired 1 Heroic badge.. and a smidge of an understanding about addon programming.

I’m really hopeful that I’ll be able to do H-Shattered Halls tonight. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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1 comment to Tick Tick Tick

  • Galoheart

    Sucks when not everyone is on the same page attempting to do stuff.

    I’m sure it will be like that if you like to quest in groups in WotLK. Heads off to X place to kill Y NPC. Someone in group goes, where we going? To kill X bad guy. Oh wait I don’t have that quest yet. So you have to wait for them to catch up. That gets old after a while in groups.

    For me that gets old real quick. Probably why I never quest in groups. Instance you don’t have much of a choice but there everyone is prettymuch on the same page usually.