This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Wrath Release

I hadn’t really planned to go to a midnight release.. I’d planned to be responsible and go to bed. So much for that. I wouldn’t call it a “release party” more of a release.. standing around in the cold (where cold was really only in the 50s or 60s). I do wish I’d made plans instead to go to the GameStop in downtown San Francisco. As it was, we and about 25 other geeks stood around in the cold in San Pablo (about 10 miles north of SF). Some of them epeened.. it involved a lot of cursing (“we were fking clearing Sunwell when the bitch was hard.. the fking patch made it fking easy”) I wasn’t impressed. In the crowd we spotted 3 instances (including myself) of the fabled “grrl gamer”. We were about tenth in line and easily got our collectors editions.

We ran home, installed the game.. and with hardly a whisper we started questing in Northrend. There were plenty of mobs. There wasn’t any lag. The servers didn’t crash. It was weird.. and we are looking around the corner to see if we’re just missing something.

Fiancee tried.. really hard to quest with me.. but I’ve decided I want to read quest text.. and he decided he doesn’t.. so he spent alot of the time annoyed that I was taking so long. Last night at 3 am when I finally did go to bed, he asked if it was ok if he continued to level without me. I told him yes.

I’m finding “read the quest text” to be harder than I expected. I’m trained: right click on the quest giver, click the accept button, go out and do quest. I’m having to break this habit and go back and re-read what the quest giver said. That said, it’s already paying off. The quest And then there were two made me laugh out loud. “What? Dwarves hide things in their beards all the time!”

The good: The boat ride to Howling Fjord was gorgeous. Love the music on the boat. Love my new frosty pet (44 pets and counting). ZOMG! the quest where you go to the bottom of the Catacombs and turn ghouls into vapor was COOL!

The bad: I miss flying already. The boat ride is long.. I can see that getting annoying after not-too-long. I’ve found one flower to pick.. and it was too high level for me to pick it. My “error text” has disappeared.. you know the text that says “out of range” or “out of mana” or “your inventory is full”. I’m not sure where it went.. or how to get it back. *harumph*

The ugly: Ugg.. dead tortured dwarves hung up to feed worgs. In a word: “horrifying”.

In a way it’s good that I’ll be questing solo. While grouped with fiancee (Ret Pally) and my brother (BM Hunter) I found that I wasn’t really able to do any decent damage. Pretty much by the time I applied the second dot, the mob would die. I think in that case I need to change to use haunt.. then corruption, then Drain Life until Nightfall procs, the mob dies or I need to refresh haunt.

Ah well.. so far.. Blizz gets an A+.

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5 comments to Wrath Release

  • Leo Diogenes

    Hahaha!! “What? Dwarves hide things in their beards all the time!” Why do you think I have such a long beard?

    You’re welcome to run with us anytime. I will read the quest text.


  • meistara Vigdis

    So. Bought the expansion… can’t get it to load. :-(

    Now working on the BlizzForum suggestion of copying everything onto my HD and installing from there. *sigh*

  • Edith

    Ditto. We can call ourselves “The Quest Text Reader’s Club for the Greater Appreciation of Azerothian Lore” err, or maybe not… ;)

    starting book club run in Crystalsong Forest, give a holler if interested


  • I had that issue too – if you’re using QuestsFu I noticed that it removes the error text. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen an update that fixes it yet :/

  • Bernard

    I found an update to fix QuestFu and nQuestLog which is based on QuestFu on’s nquestlog page:

    For those who are brave enough to change code lines, here is the fix for the UIErrorsFrame bug:
    In nQuestLog\modules\Notifications\Notifiations.lua:
    function Notification:UIErrorsFrame_OnEvent(self, event, message)
    –If the option is enabled, then suppress Blizzard objective progress messages
    if ( Notification.db.profile.hideBlizz ) and ( event == “UI_INFO_MESSAGE” ) and ( message:match(L["blizzProgressPattern"]) ) then
    return Notification.hooks.UIErrorsFrame_OnEvent(self, event, message)

    Just find the function for UIErrorsFrame and replace the existing with that. The current versions don’t know how to handle the error frame properly.