This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Achievements online

OOO the achivements are insidious. Now, not only do you have them in game.. but they’re reflected in the Armory

But take everything with a grain of salt.

For example here’s one of my achievemnts:

ORLY? Lilac… the warlock.. has pickpocketed 82 times? You’re right.. warlocks are totally OP.

There’s also some squirrelyness with AV deaths/kills counting as Arena 2v2/3v3 deaths/kills.

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5 comments to Achievements online

  • Finally.. a warlock that’s willing to admit her OP status.

    Then again, now that DK’s and Paladins seem so strong, I’ve kind of cared even less about the feud between mages and warlocks.

  • meistara Vigdis

    That’s okay… it says my Hunter has pick pocketed 429 items!

  • And my Hunter has pickpocketed 885 items.


    I’m trying to think what I’ve done 885 times that could possibly be taken by the game as pickpocketing.

    To be honest, the entire statistics thing is a bit broken.

    I also have 11 2v2 Arena kills… I’ve never done Arena in my life.

    I’ve also take a portal to Dalaran apparently – I’ve never taken a portal, nevermind to Dalaran!

    And I’ve hearthed 7 times since 3.0.2.

    The list goes on and on.

    Buggy, buggy, buggy!

    Faulseys last blog post..Yuanjia is the fail…

  • GoW

    I was going to say nerf locks, but my holy priest has picked 107 pockets.

    Also, “number of hugs: 16.” Is that number given, or number received?

    GoWs last blog post..Return of the Mixed Blessing

  • It sez Kinnavieve the pally once laid a 20k hit on somebodies. Not bad fer a newb in greens. Ya’d think she’d've remembered that one, though…