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Yabut, why already?

** spoiler alert **
run away now!

Nothing makes me feel shorter as a gnome and the Vyr’Kul.

So we got these giant viking-esque Vyr’kul. Ok.. I can accept that. and 10,000 years ago they started birthing deformed babies. They decided to “get rid” of the babies but are very vague as to how they got rid of them. There’s an implication that the deformed babies are the beginnings of the human race. Ok, I can buy that.

So then they all go to sleep standing up in hallways.. I’m sorry what? Why? Why did they all go to sleep? Is this normal?

Ok, they’re all asleep and then they start waking up, 10,000 years later. Um. Ok. Why? Yeah, there’s a quest with the Cult of the Damned.. and they use special devices to wake the Vyr’kul… and if I wake them wrong they just up and die. Ok. It’s the cult. I get it. But then I get to Icecrown.. and I’m supposed to wake them up.. no device.. I just walk up to them.. nudge them a little and they just .. you know.. wake up (and then beat on me for a while). What’s that about?

So why are they all hot and bothered to join the Lich King? I mean don’t they see he’s the bad guy? I mean it’s only obvious.

So there’s this guy.. and he’s a Paladin.. and he’s Prince of this big city ‘Lorderon’. He lives in this land that’s overrun with undead. It turns out the people are turning into undead because of infected grain (haven’t we all been there?). So he goes a little nuts and starts killing all the villagers just in case they’re infected. Huh? Wha? Did he even try to Cleanse them first? Right there.. was he evil? or just a little unhinged? Maybe it’s a case of royal inbreeding.

So he goes nuts, runs off to Northrend, burns his ships (so the soldiers have to stay and fight with him), -then- he gets Frostmourn which steals his soul. So, no soul and he thinks he killed his friend Mauradin (WIII made it seem that Mauradin died.. WoW shows Mauradin stunned who later runs away)(BTW that cave has a very nice drop rate for Crystallized Shadow). After much back and forth (escape through Old Kingdom, raise army of undead, kill dad, etc) he eventually ends up back in Northrend where he fights and beats Illidan (for a quest I got to be Arthas for this fight.. I lost the first different would the lore have been if I’d been at the helm?).

So -then- he decides it’s his heart that’s the problem.. so he rips it out encases it in ice and throws it down into a hole in Icecrown Citadel where it lands in Naz’anak: The Forgotten Depths(MMM moar Forgotten Depths.. Love the atmosphere down there. Wish it were bigger). Mmm k.. so it’s like a metaphore.. The big evil undead dude decides that humanity and sympathy is holding him back so he tears his human heart out and throws it away.

I, being the intrepid hero, find his frozen heart and meet “Matthias Lehner” a little boy ghost who is an anagram of Arthas Menethil . He shows me the footsteps Arthas has walked in and how he got to where he is. Oh-kay.. Except the footsteps start after “he went nuts” and really didn’t give me any glimpse of his motivation. It was a nice tearful moment.. doing the questline.. when Tirion says “maybe we can save him”. Turns out.. not so much. Arthas is dead, there is only the Lich King.

I didn’t like the “convert your army into Ghouls” quest. It would have worked better for me if I’d been a “ghost floating along behind Arthas” as he did this. There wasn’t any motivation. WHY did he kill them all and convert them into ghouls? More than that, if I’m in charge of his actions, why am =-I-= doing it? It just felt forced to me.

So.. there will be no “saving” Arthas. Ice Crown Citadel is about ending an evil life. Okay.

Not much here.. but wanted to note it anyway. This name keeps coming up.

In the chasm between Steelgate and Westfall Keep voices whisper to the miners causing them to stay and dig. There’s no indication of who is doing the whispering.

The cleansed Ursoc the bear god describes it as “the beast with a thousand maws” and names it as an old God. The new world tree, Vordrassil, that the Elves planted was corrupted because its roots grew down and penetrated into Yogg-Saron. (As an aside: Seriously, how many freaking trees do the elves need to plant before they figure out planting trees is a very bad idea. This is what.. number 4? Oh, and they blew this one up too.. anyone sense a recurring theme here?)

In the mine in the Vyr’kul town, some of the “freed” miners will leap into the pits on the sides of the mine to be with “him” instead of actually running free. The Faceless one in this mine gives a quest and seems to be lying about what’s going on and what’s down below.

In Naz’anak: The Forgotten Depths the faceless ones call out Yogg-Saron as a battle cry.

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3 comments to Yabut, why already?

  • Anon

    If you run Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme, you get a nice glimpse into the major turning point for Arthas becoming the Litch King as it is basically the first step in the chain of events that lead him down that path.

    It also does a good job showing his motivation or at least giving solid insight into it. He is basically a brash young Paladin, highly trained, and holds lots of political power due to his noble heritage. He seeks to prove himself and stop Malganis and the scourge at all costs, even if it means sacrifice. Basically think of the general/president in any disease outbreak movie where they have to decide whether to nuke a town of innocent people to save the world, Arthas chose the nuke.

  • GoW

    Nice post.

    I think that lore in most videogames has small picture/big picture problems. Most of WoW looks good in the small picture, which is the part you see during play–for one quest, or one quest chain. It succeeds at this.

    The big picture, as you talk about here, is when you try to put together a timeline of events telling the whole story of one major character… and it’s just nothing special.

    I honestly avoid trying to get a sense of bigger picture for this reason. I feel like an above average fantasy novel will win easily. This is why two-minute CGI cutscenes (which I enjoy) are much easier to create than an interesting two hour movie.

    And yet, Wrathgate was an incredibly fun story… as long as I try not to piece it into the greater picture.

  • Artorin

    Well it kind of explained why you got to play out Arthas actions in that 1) It showed how incredibly powefull Arthas was and 2) To show that Arthas true strength came from his ability to sacrafice everything from his home, troops, father, soul and even his own heart.

    His disillusion grew from fighting legions of undead even before the Culling of Stratholme. I guess seeing your fellow troops fall in combat only to be raised to fight against you really does damage to your ability to seek out the good in people. Ultimately to him it came down to a matter of numbers not people. If the people of stratholme were converted the army of undead would be too great to defeat. Also he fully believed Malganis was the source of all undead and so his quest to destroy him at all cost was what he believed to be the best route for himself and his people. After all the cost of soldiers lives vs ending the war forever seemed like a fair trade.

    It is still Frostmourne and the short time following that, that fully corrupted him. Without a soul to feel remorse the only thing that could slow him down was his heart I guess. His heart represents the last bit of his humanity though not sanity which was taken long before that.

    I think that quest along with some of the other quests (especially the dk starting zone) are in place to give you a feel of what its like to be a being of such power and evil. Hopefully those who seek death and destruction enjoyed the quest for that but those such as you instead get left with a bad taste in your mouth. This is good too because it provides motivation to bring the fight to the Lich King to end the kind of butchery that he stands for. (of course this is from a lore or rp persepctive since after you kill him… he will be there again for you to kill next week.)

    Anyway I really enjoyed this quest line and I also hit 80 turning in a quest to Tirion Fordring just before being sent to destroy the heart which just added to the epic feel of the quest line and ensure I will remember that moment for a long time.