This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.


Last night I ran the Oculus for the first time. Very interesting. On the final boss we had best luck with two reds (who swapped off tanking the boss throughout the fight), two greens (so they could keep up on “healing” without killing themselves) and one amber.

After the instance run I was kind of fluxumed as to what to do. I had no firm goals.. I just had a lot of vague ones.. so I logged over to my bank toon and sent all my Frostweave back to Lilac so she could level tailoring. About half way through leveling tailoring it occurred to me that I really didn’t know why I was doing it beyond “must cap tailoring because it’s what you should do.” I’m vaguely interested in the flying carpet.. but not really.. I’m vaguely interested in the leg enchants.. but not really. I’m just kinda meh.

I remember hitting this point at 70. I’ve finished the big obvious goal.. and now there are 1,001 little goals and I can’t choose which one to work on first.

I guess the big question is: What do I want to do?

Unordered answers:
– Be prepared to goto NAXX-10 with guild
– fix/further develop MetaHUD.
– Make money on AH
– Level another toon
– Go back and finish stuff for achievements/mounts

Be prepared to goto NAXX-10 with guild
This means, have the gear/hit rating and spell rotation to not embarrass myself. I have a gear list.. but it’s all over the place. I need to narrow it down and figure out what I’m really after.

For Heroics/regular 5-mans/trash I only need to hit level 82 mobs. That means I only need to “make up” 6% hit (See: Warlock Spell Hit Rating 80 player vs 82 mob PVE is at 94% hit). That’s only 158 spell hit rating. I’ve got that now.. in fact I’ve got way more than that. I need to swap around my gear to maximize spell power while maintaining 158 spell hit rating.

For Raiding I need to hit level 83 mobs. That’s 17% or 446 spell hit rating. Right now I think I’m maxed out at 266 spell hit rating. I need to make up the rest of that. Krizzlybear’s article: Spell Hit Your Way Into Naxxramas! will be a great place to start.

For spell rotations I need to benchmark each of my spells to find out generally what kind of damage I’m looking at. Then I can start graphing them to see what kind of dps/burst dps (ha ha) I can get with different rotations.

I also need to revisit my gear list and make sure it’s properly ordered for my current spec.

Fix/further develop MetaHUD
I’m of a couple minds on this.
First, I really like the addon. I’m terribly sad that it seems to be abandoned by both the original author, Darval, and the follow up author MetaHawk. I -wish- I could get official permission to take over the code base. I’m bothered at the idea of taking it over without permission. BUT I really like the addon.. and I haven’t found anything else that does almost everything I want. So I think, despite my trepidation, I’m going to adopt it and further develop it.
Second, it has some.. issues. Foremost, there are some changes in state that it doesn’t notice and so doesn’t update correctly.
Third, it doesn’t understand Death Knights. This just needs to be fixed but I can’t justify fixing Death Knights until I fix some of the other basic functionality.

Make money on AH
Up until now I’ve been very lazy. I need to knuckle down and make some real cash. There’s untapped potential on the AH and I’m letting it go to waste. This requires an initial investment of time.. and an ongoing investment for maintenance. I think it’ll be worth it though.

Level another toon
Having one 80 is nice.. but not as flexible as having two. I want to level Tatia to 80.. but I’ve decided to wait until the “minor patch to fix Holy DPS” before starting on that.

Go back and finish stuff for achievements/mounts
Most of Lilac’s mounts are clanky chickens. I want to get exalted with all the home cities and pick up all their mounts. I’m also at 46 pets.. just 4 away from the skunk. I have two (now grey) quests from Terrokar Forest sitting in my questlog. I have a b-zillion group quests in Ice crown. I just need to pick something and do it.

At this point I think fixing MetaHud is going to the top of my priority list right along side “get ready for Naxx”.

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1 comment to Waffling

  • Leokun

    This is indeed the question that many players are asking their selves at this point in time. “So what now?” Only you can decide that one. On my lock, I’ve decided not to enter Naxx until I feel I have done everything in my power to get the best I could be prior to entering. I remember entering kara for the first time with 5-6 epics and I hope to do the same in WotLK.

    I had a lot of fun questing which got me the “Loremaster of Northrend” achievement, Blizzard really outdid themselves with the creativity of quests in comparison to BC and I ended up with a nice sum of gold in the process.

    I focused on my tailoring which you can level pretty easily to 440 before it becomes a lot more expensive and/or time consuming. At the very least, you should level your tailoring until you are able to craft your new cloths (Ebon, Spell, ect..) since this will most likely be your primary form of income from the profession which will help you on you gold making.

    I’m trying to have fun with dungeons, it’s good to have a group of friends to do them with but Id also recommend getting PUG’s from time to time to keep things “interesting” and on the edge.

    But the best advice I could give you is whatever you decide to do, be sure you are having fun!