This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Orly.. Westfall!

So we’re running Nexus (Red Holiday Hats all around) and I died. I don’t remember how exactly.. probably.. you know.. poke things really hard in the eye so they ate my face. So anyway, I’m running back and the priest throws me a rez (horray for priest-y goodness). I accept (I was right outside the instance door.. but I figured “meh, it’ll save me the run”). The loading screen shows.. twirls for a while and then I finally zone in.

Only I’m not in Nexus.. I’m in Westfall. Seriously. I accepted a rez.. from Bollack, the priest in my party, from -inside- the Nexus.. and I materialized in the graveyard in Westfall. Kooky damn ley lines.

I informed the group.. asked for a summon (boo hiss) and then ran off to the inn to /kiss a reveler (no reason to let that chance go to waste).


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6 comments to Orly.. Westfall!

  • phrito

    this happened to me in stand of the ancients. matched finished while i was dead, i spawned in westfall; no summary screen, no mark of honor, and afk coward debuff.


    GM said known issue

  • Artorin

    {removed by Nibs}
    Nibs: Fixed. Thanks.

  • Dorgol (Boulderfist)

    Westfall is like the blackhole of Azeroth. Way back in pre-TBC there was a cave in Silithus where, if you died there, your GHOST would appear in Westfall… but your BODY was still in Silithus.

    Just to make a point, I corpse ran that when it happened to me.

  • Broch

    Yeah, the same thing happened to me in Strand of the Ancients. Myself and one other from my group died and ended up in Westfall. Very odd. Almost as bad as the UC elevator.

  • GoW

    Dorgol, I had that very thing happen to me! I remember that cave all too well. Good times.

    GoWs last blog post..Child’s Play can make you awesome

  • Vyaaren

    Hello Nib, I understand that Westfall was the first zone that Blizzard developed. Sorry that I can’t cite my source, but this explains at least in my mind, why when things go pear shaped on the Alliance side we end up in the ‘fall. Merry Christmas to you.