This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Lilac the Scrivener?

‘Tis the sad affair of things when a perfectly good seamstress may lean back from her stitchery (having achieved a goodly reputation thereof (436/450)) and look upon them and find them to be displeasing. Further sadness is fomented upon the revelation that the distinct and superb benefits of ones stitchery are neither distinct.. nor superb and instead common and low and available to all. As such it is only right that one should look jealously upon one’s peers in the trade of Scribes and find that their benefits are indeed distinct and superb (to the tune of +37 spellpower).

Then one should think to oneself.. “do the distinct and superb benefits outweigh the cost of herbs and the hassle of leveling? And as such is it more worthwhile to pursue the craft of scribes than to continue to the logical end in tailoring?”

(One should take due care if reading “Bartleby the Scrivener” when preparing to write a blog post styling oneself as a scrivener.)

(I would love to be able to work an “I prefer not” into this.. but I am overcome with sadness at the mere thought of dieing destitute in prison)

Sokay :) So early american english aside, it turns out the shoulder enchants available to Scribes(and only to scribes) is +61 spell damage.. while the shoulder enchants available at exalted with Sons of Hodir are only +24 spellpower.

The leg enchants for tailors vs non-tailors is identical.

So I’m trying to figure out if I think Blizz will add more to Tailoring (thus making me regret dropping it) or if I should just drop it now and start Inscription.

I think I need a day or so of hemming and hawing.

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8 comments to Lilac the Scrivener?

  • Hmm… as someone who just levelled up inscription, I’d caution you to examine your choices. I don’t know what prices are like on your server, but it seems a bit difficult to make money though I recall you saying that you’ve been doing alright with your alt scribe.

    If it’s just for the shoulder enchant, there are other professions that give you similar benefits that can make much more money. LW gives you bracer spellpower enchants that are way better than normal enchants as well. JC gives you 3×36 spellpower gems. Blacksmithing gives 2 extra sockets? Even though a clothie blacksmith sounds weird hehheh…

    Tailoring is definitely weak now though, but I guess my point is that the shoulder enchant alone isn’t really worth levelling inscription, at least in my experience. So maybe just stick with tailoring, since it’s so widely acknowledged to be one of the worst professions Blizzard may just toss it a bone. 40 spellpower isn’t really that big of a deal :)

  • GoW

    How do the cloak enhancement thingies factor in?

    GoWs last blog post..Overview of Loot Systems

  • FWIW, inscription is the least popular profession of all. I’ve been doing some armoury data crunching and only about 3% of toons have it. Compare this to another classic money-sink like engineering which is at 6%. Tailoring comes in at about 9%.

    3% seems to me to be a “danger; quicksand” signal if ever there was one…

  • GoW

    I agree with pockie and zardoz. My main’s a maxed out Scribe, and I currently regret it. I’m going to write about it some time.

    In short, I’m hanging on to it in the hopes that, like Jewelcrafting, they fix the profession later on. (JCs didn’t start with dailies, or meaningful endgame trinkets)

  • But what about the awesome flying carpets? *insert witty sarcastic comment here*

    I’m sticking it out because I’m stubborn which is why I’m playing and Affliction Warlock in the first place…

    Fulguraliss last blog post..More Confessions of the Sidetracked Warlock

  • Personally, I’m too lazy to go to the effort of skilling up another profession from zero. No thank you. But I know a lot of people who have done it. But Pockie does have a good point. Is 37 spell power really all that big of a deal? With your progression, I’m guessing that that’s maybe 2% of all your spell power. And depending on the spell coefficient, that probably doesn’t mean 2% increased damage. I mean, sure if you’re one of those people that will drop everything just so you can learn the drums from leatherworking, then maybe it would be a big deal. But that’s an awful lot of money just for 37 spellpower.

    And as has been said, Tailoring sucks. Hopefully, maybe, with a little luck, Blizzard will fix that… “soon”.

  • I must just like unpopular things even though I wouldn’t call myself a non-conformist. :P My ‘lock still has her tailoring and I’m sloooowly leveling it. Frostweave cloth is too expensive on my server and it just isn’t worth the gold to power level at this time. I hope it will get some love again.

    Regarding inscription, a few of our guild members maxed it (or nearly maxed it) and then dumped it. (And dumped all of their glyphs and scrolls into the guild bank) Too many people picked it up and flooded the market, it seems. Plus, it seems difficult to get repeat glyph customers. All depends I guess.

    Syranas last blog post..X Marks the Spot

  • Nibuca

    Harumph. Ok.. fine. I’ll think about it some more.

    I do want an scribe in my family of toons though. I want to start puting my enchantment on AH.. so I need easy access to vellums. Hrm.