This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Tailoring Cloak Enchants

In comments on the previous post GoW asked:

How do the cloak enhancement thingies factor in?

There are three:
Darkglow Embroidery – Requires tailoring 400 – Proc: Restore 300 mana when you cast a spell (35% proc rate, ~60-75s internal cooldown) (worth approximately 17 mp5) (only procs on spell -cast- not on dot tick)

Lightweave Embroidery – Requires tailoring 400 – Proc: 1000-1200 holy damage (50% proc rate, 45s internal cooldown) (worth approximately 24.4 dps) (only procs on spell -cast- not on dot tick)

Swordguard Embroidery – Requires tailoring 400 – Proc: 300 AP (25% proc rate with a 60 second internal cooldown)

The first and the last one are obvious no-gos for Warlocks. MP5 is for healers and Mages and AP is for melee.

So we’re left juggling a proc that gives holy damage to the tune of ~24.4 additional dps vs 23 haste. The comments on wowhead go back and forth on it. The take away seems to be “the difference is very slim”.

So, since Lightweave Embroidery and +23 haste are equivalent, Lightweave isn’t a good argument for why I should keep tailoring.

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6 comments to Tailoring Cloak Enchants

  • Figworth

    I’m a tailor. It’s been my profession since the beginning, and I have almost every recipe from old world and BC (even the priest and mage self-only robes O.o). And honestly? The only reason you’d keep tailoring is the flying carpets. That’s it. The inscription shoulder enchants are beautiful, not to mention the darkmoon faire cards, which sell for 500-1000 each. The Nobles deck is in very high demand. So, unless you’re attached to your collection of patterns, or have an itch for a flying carpet (and they do look awesome), go for inscription. Hopefully they stick something nice in there for us weavers, but so far, nothing in sight.

  • you can make a pretty penny selling those epic pieces. you can make a killing crafting ebonweave or moonshroud robes or gloves. the individual cloths can be sold for a lot on the AH as well, but on my server, the prices have droppd somewhat such that selling the entire piece is better profit than individual parts.

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  • Nibuca

    OH, you with your logic. Stop that.. here I am trying to be all emotionally impulsive and you’ve got to drag logic into it. Harumph.

  • Darkglow is for mages, huh? What a rude generalization. And so untrue, tsk, tsk. lol. In honesty, we’re kind of in the same boat now. As Frost, I never truly run out of mana. Even as Arcane (the mana hog), mana regen was much less of an issue. But now with Mana Gems stacking in 3′s, Evocation going down to 4 minutes, and all the other raid mana regens (not just for shadow priests anymore) I really can’t imagine any mage stacking MP5 anymore.

  • GoW

    Thanks, Nibuca! So it sounds like tailoring = flying carpet for some classes. Too bad. I think that all professions got hit hard, at least for people who are used to them being really great and useful. Now, when you craft, you had better enjoy crafting because there’s not much game-benefit to doing so. In fact, if you think of it purely in terms of game-benefit at this moment in Wrath, just about every profession is a horrible return on time/gold. Don’t you think?

    I have to disagree with Fig on Darkmoon cards. Yes, the right ones can sell for a lot, Nobles in particular, but it takes significant resources to generate each card (6x stack of upper-tier northrend herb + other mats), and you only have a one-in-four chance of getting a card from that deck. The other three decks range from “break even” to “big loss”.

    Greedy Goblin has written a bunch about Darkmoon cards, and lays out the strange odds and return on investment. The conclusion is: don’t count on a profit. After a lot of effort, he ended up taking an overall loss on his card enterprise.

    Overall I recommend decoupling the concepts of Inscription and profit, or at least checking out the glyph costs in the AH to get a feel of how your server is. Goblin seems to have luck, but my server is awash in active Scribes and glyphs; no profit to be made at all.

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  • Andor

    In BC tailoring was all the rage because it provided some nice gear to certain classes relatively early in the game compared to what dropped in instances and raids. Now it is the next expansion and tailoring isn’t so hot as it once was. Happens in this game a lot — it is a never-ending cycle of change.

    The problem is that you simply can’t predict the future. You have no idea what the devs will do to tailoring tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Same with every other profession…

    If you decide to dump a profession you have invested a lot of time and gold in for something else based upon the current state of the game all I can say is you may want to reconsider. IMO it is much easier to start a profession on a new toon than dump one you are so far along in and possibly regret it later.