This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Blizzcon ’09 Meetups

We had a guild meeting last night to discuss proposed Live Guild Meetup in Vegas. The stars were not in alignment and the proposed dates weren’t going to mesh with a lot of people.. so we changed the plan to a guild meetup at Blizzcon August 21/22 (we may reschedule the Vegas meetup for the fall though).

Fiancee and I have reserved a room at the Anabella(a hotel I -highly- recommend that is very very close to the convention center)(ie, right next door see the linked map). At the moment we have eleven guildies who have said they’ll attend. (Yeah)

The plan is to do Blizzcon on the 21/22 and then Disney Land for the 23/24 (yes, I expect to get a little crispy). Should be a great vacation.

I hope to organize a “I’ll be here at this time” meetup for anyone who reads my blog and wants to meetup. I’m also hoping I can strong-arm at least a few other bloggers into joining me (TCM and Hydra, I’m looking at you specifically). I’m thinking something like Dinner/Drinks at the Anabella restaurant (which has OMG-ORGASMICALLY-GOOD beef and blue cheese sandwiches) (see map)for probably the evening of the 21st maybe… 9pm or so.

Prognostications for Blizzcon. Last year there was no big announcement at Blizzcon. I was a little bit disappointed with big announcements are cool… but Mike Morheim said something along the lines that they want to be able to have Blizzcon “just because” and not have to wait until they have big announcements.

Anyway.. I hope this year there will be an announcement. I hope it’ll be the name/focus of the next Wow expansion (which I expect will be released in Nov/Dec 2011).. but I think it’ll be the release date of the new Starcraft expansion.

If you’re going to blizzcon, wear comfortable shoes (SO . MUCH . WALKING).. take a jacket (it’s cold in that convention center), carry a bottle of water (srsly, you don’t want to have to get into the food lines just for a drink of water), expect to stand in lines (ugh)(if I could wrangle it I’d consider taking a lawn chair with me.. because seriously, the lines sucked). Know that you won’t be able to do everything.. so spend your time wisely. And have fun. Seriously.. you’d have to work hard to not have fun. Revel in your geekness. Be at one with your geek brothers and sisters.

I have to say … one of the coolest moments of the convention.. was going out to a nearby restaurant for breakfast and overhearing three or four nearby conversations.. all about Wow. It made it all a little bit more sureal.

Oh.. and srsly, stop at the Anabella restaurant and have the beef and blue cheese sandwich. I still can’t get over how got it was.

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2 comments to Blizzcon ’09 Meetups

  • I have decided that I am going to try and get a Blizzcon ticket myself. I must admit, I am a bit antsy about it all – I don’t want to book flights and accommodation until I know I have a ticket (it’s a HUGE outlay for me), but I don’t want to miss it either. All I know is, I want to go, and I think I can swing it this year!

    Have fun there with your guildies!

    Saresas last blog post..Fishing with Saresa Jenkins: How to Kiss A Sewer Carp

  • mm las vegas! My neck of hte woods :)

    If I’m at Blizzcon I’ll have to look you up ^_^