This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

More Power Auras

I’ve mentioned it before.. but I -love- Power Auras. Here’s a quick set of auras.

When I’m in a raid I can easily end up with 3+ rows of buffs. I hate having to spend a long time figuring out which buffs I’m missing by scanning all these buffs. So I setup 4 new auras. If I’m in a raid, and I’m missing {relevant buff} a “spark” shows on my screen above my mini-map. The “sparks” are color coded.. so if the spark is pink I know I’m missing the pally buff, orange: druid, white: priest, and blue: mage. It just makes it very easy to tell which set of buffs I’m missing.

In the picture for this post (click to see the full screen shot), I’m missing the druid and the pally buffs.

Below is the code for these 4 auras. To add this to your Power Auras, click in the relevant box, hit CTRL-A (to select all the code in the box), then hit CTRL-C (to copy the code). Paste this into the import function of Power Auras.

Priest buff:

Paladin buff:

Mage buff:

Druid buff:

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