This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.


impThis morning, while fiddling with my blogroll/rss reader it came to my attention that was in neither. OMG!! I’m aghast. If I made a mistake that big how many others have I missed?

So, here’s the plea: please comment here if you’re a warlock blogger (or know of one) and you’re -not- listed under warlock bloggers in my blogroll.


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8 comments to AGHAST!

  • Actually, I can’t access your blog roll at all. So I can’t tell. :)

    kikidass last blog post..Keiji goes to Wintergrasp

  • Nibuca

    Ok, -that’s- distressing.

    What browser are you using? Do you have CSS/Javascript turned on?

    To access the blogroll, in the right-hand column, click on the class symbol (click it twice to “close” that class). I’ve tested on IE, Firefox, Chrome and the built-into-the-Blackberry-Storm browser.
    On the blackberry it just showed everything, without having to click to open.. but the info was still there.

  • =O!

    FIX EET!


    Fear.Wins last blog post..Not So Crafty, Anymore!

  • I’m on plain ol’ IE. As far as I know, javascript is installed, given that I don’t have problems playing on … how sad is my life?

    Anyway, yeah, it just has the regular mouse button, clicking is nothing more than a forefinger exercise. :( I’ll check it out on my computer at home and see if it’s just the laptop I use while at work.

    kikidass last blog post..So many alts, so little time…

  • It works on my home computer (which uses Firefox), so not sure if it’s an IE thing, or a crummy laptop thing. :)

    kikidass last blog post..So many alts, so little time…

  • @ K – I use IE at work and before this blog was firewalled (QQ) I couldn’t access her blogroll. At home, I use Firefox and it works fine. I think it might just be an IE thing?

    Fear.Wins last blog post..It’s Official! 3.1 Goes Live TOMORROW!

  • Skryla

    So do I qualify as a warlock blogger if I share a blog with a schizophrenic cow?

    Skrylas last blog post..Shenanigans!

  • Nibuca

    You only get to qualify if you keep up with the warlockery. I’ve added you to my feed reader :) you’ll show up in the blogroll the next time I update that (probably later next week).