This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
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Children’s Week: Think of the Children!

orphanAll I can say is.. thank God it’s over. Only two more holidays left.

The good:
– I did it. I got the title and the tick in the meta achievement.
– Horray for two additional pets (I think I now have 60).
– To all of you who want to “keep” your orphan, do the Argent Tournament and give your orpan a backpack and a flag and adopt him as a squire.
– If your toon is male, then as you fly over the lady Vyrkul area in Storm peaks.. the game reports that you “lost the title Patron so-and-so and gained the title Matron so-and-so”, and then “lost the title Matron so-and-so and gained the title Patron so-and-so.” That at least is full of win.
The bad:
– It is -slightly- wrong that the orphan is taller than my gnome. Something wrong there.
– Aside from one icecream cone, there were no “positive” achievements with your orphan. I hearthed.. and left her all alone in the world.. then I ate sweets in front of her.. I dragged her through battlegrounds and I killed a man in front of her. Not exactly positive interactions.
The ugly:
– I hate PVP. I have never been so angry as I was during/after the PVP for the achievement. I didn’t “learn that I really like PVP” or “come to appreciate that aspect of the game”. I felt hate… and in fact I’m starting to get a bit angry now just thinking about it. I finally got the achievement.. and I didn’t feel a glow of satisfaction. I sat there and stared at the screen for a while trying to think of something to do in the game that would “fix” my angry bitter hateful mood. I couldn’t think of anything. I instead went grocery shopping (nerd rage translates directly into road rage and “at the grocery store rage”.. don’t shop angry. It’s not pretty).

Special message to all you “real PVPers”: FUCK YOU ALL! Srsly, if I’d gotten the achievement in the first battle ground I wouldn’t have spent all weekend “fucking up your battleground”. When you QQ about that I have no sympathy. When you go out of your way to prevent me from getting the achievement I just keep coming back. I would have happily capped a flag and then run off for you to recap it. But no.. you had to make it difficult. You know what? I hate you more. DIAF.

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11 comments to Children’s Week: Think of the Children!

  • Isisxotic

    /agree 100%

    My fiance sat next to me doing these pvp achievements, and as soon as we were done, we got yet another beer out of the fridge.

    It was such a poor implementation – I don’t entirely care that there are pvp parts of the holiday achievements, but I wish they were team based instead of individual. It would discourage the whole “out only for myself” mentality that was infecting everyone.

  • Completely and utterly agree with you on your message to “real pvp-ers”. Even when I tried to explain that the only reason that I was there was because Blizzard forced me to be there to achieve something non-pvp they were still incredibly rude, mean and selfish. I did get the School of Hard Knocks achievement done in the end but did not find any part of it enjoyable in any way. In fact it made me swear at people on my own side, something which I have NEVER done before in game and never want to again. Thank goodness the one I swore most at was not on my server.

    Sephrenias last blog post..Love my Guildies (part 2)

  • Etheron

    While I had wished Blizz had implemented it in a more team-based manner, I, too am much more pissed with the attitude of the “real PVPers”. On top of the frustration of not getting that flag time and again, I had the great pleasure of starting yet another battlegroup with the Raid Leader bitching about people wanting their achievements.

    I like the occasional bit of PVP, but I wanted to punch my screen for the first time in a long time after trying to get done with the school of Hard Knocks.

  • I think School of Hard Knocks could have been implemented better, at least put a team mentality into how they are achieved. I mean, PvP achievements are… PvP achievements… so how exactly does it pertain to being a big brother/sister to an orphan?

    As for how to keep an orphan of sorts… I have done the Argent Tournament quests. But, honestly, my Orc gruntling is no where near as adorable as the Blood Elf orphan or the Draenei orphan. :P I was actually hoping there would be a way to call out both the orphan and the gruntling at the same time, but alas, only one or the other can be out.

    Syranas last blog post..Children’s Week: WTA Orphan PST

  • Figworth

    I agree. To the PvPers, we know you didn’t want us there. But we had to be there. I’ve PvPed in the past, and I’d rather choose when I do it – but saying that we didn’t ‘have’ to get it is complete bullshit.

    P. S. – It’s the AV one that’s awful. I spent 3 games after I got mine helping horde get it. Took some of the anger away. Until you get one horde rogue that stunlocks you in the middle of 5 friendly ones.

  • We went in with a guild group, so no soloing these achievements. And yes, still frustrating somewhat, but less so.

    And the problem wasn’t that I normally don’t pvp, the problem was that these achievements encouraged pvping in the abolute worst way.

    If they had said, win 3 of so and so bg with your orphan out, the games would’ve indeed been fun, and it would’ve been a challenge. You might even have liked going into a BG with a full group of your friends.

    And seriously, I’m generally a PVEer, but I do like a normal BG game, just not the way this was set up.

    Shyraias last blog post..Guide to the Red Proto Drake

  • Sibyll

    first of all: congrats =)

    still have to do it and i already hear it: ‘damn noobs, go out of our battlegrounds, you are ruining it’ and much more in the same direction. flames here, flames there. it ‘s not fun for the non-pvp’ers too.

    Sibylls last blog post..Guide: Dustwallow.

  • BitterCupOJoe

    I like PvP, generally. I hated the PvP achievements. In almost every case (with the arguable exception of the WSG achievement) they teach the exact wrong strategy for the BG. “Rush to cap resource points in AB and towers in AV without backup, and cap some flags in EotS! That’s the way to win!” I would have much preferred something that was more along the lines of, “Have your orphan out when three flags are captured by your team in WSG, be in an enemy tower in AV with your orphan out when the tower is destroyed, Have your orphan out when the point counter in EotS ticks past 1500 for your team and have your orphan out while your team controls three or more resources in AB.” THAT would have been a good design for School of Hard Knocks: none of them require winning necessarily, just playing the game correctly.

    On top of that, the achievements were badly implemented in that they vastly favored certain classes (primarily paladins, hunters, DKs and others with run speed talents and decent survivability) over other classes without. Now, I’m a prot paladin, so that worked in my favor, but one of my guildmates is a holy priest and he was a little ball of obscenities and rage all afternoon.

  • Hear, hear! I couldn’t even finish it. I detest PvP and I detest hardcore PvPers whining even more. The combination of the two meant I stopped before ever even making an attempt. Whoever decided it was a good idea for this achievement has a special place in Hell. I was honestly okay with eating candy and spam clicking people/eggs/guards before other players.

    Ariedans last blog post..An Officer’s Guide to the Trial Period


    I’m totally feeling the pain here. I LOATHE PvP, except WG, which isn’t really. And I’m totally through trying.

    T-Sonns last blog post..Preaching to the Choir – why seasonal PvP achievements were a VERY bad idea

  • As a holy priest, “School of Hard Knocks” didn’t turn me into the raging curse-machine that seems the common response. Instead, despair was the order of the day. WSG, over 7 hours of trying every possible strategy, getting /spit on by fellow Alliance, having one team member link his already-gotten achievement and then actively keep the rest of us from getting it (a mage, he returned the flag 4 times in that BG, then mocked the rest of us for wanting the achievement). I eventually waved the white flag — er, bunny ears (dressed in an assortment of holiday clothes) and after another hour, ran into a Horde troll who was helping people get the achievement. Leximae of Runetotem, you couldn’t see my tears of relief, but I’d happily buy you a {relaxing beverage of your choice} some time.
    As others have lamented, the extra-sucky part of the achievement wasn’t that it required PvP, but that it required a particular/selfish part of PvP, regardless of role. As a holy priest, I can do a lot to ensure my team wins a given BG; being The One to grab a flag… ain’t it.

    Ziyas last blog post..geeking on CPU