This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Stoopid blue hat

bluehat The loot Gods officially hate me.

Here I am. A warlock of (almost) EPIC proportions** and I’m -still- wearing a blue hat. Stoopid silly Forgotten Shadow Hood out of Culling of Strat. Not only that.. I actually have TWO of them. One gemmed for +hit and the other gemmed for +spellpower. So I can swap them around depending on whether I need the extra hit or more spellpower… and continue to wear a blue hat. Stoopid blue hat.

It’s not for lack of trying. Believe me. I’ve seen innumerable warlock appropriate head pieces drop.. I just never win them. Sucks. Everything else is purple and lovely and shiny.

Stoopid blue hat. /curse /stomp /fume

** I’m only in the 3k family of dps and not the 5k family of dps.. hrm. Not sure what I’m doing wrong *sigh*

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4 comments to Stoopid blue hat

  • Heya Nibuca,

    I know you don’t like PvP, but I really have to recommend Wintergrasp as a source for easy decent epics to fill out those slots where raid gear just doesn’t drop. For 40 Marks (no honor points or arena rating required) you can get a great headpiece with a meta slot and choice of hit rating or haste rating. If I remember correctly the socket bonus is spellpower as well instead of something dumb like resilience.

    Wintergrasp isn’t even real PvP, it’s just joining a raid and zerging around until you rank up to lieutenant (for the full 3 Marks) and then hoping your side wins. Hopefully Alliance normally wins on your server (13 wins + 1 loss = 40 Marks).

    Don’t know if you’ve tried Wintergrasp yet, but you can also get hit rating boots/belt/chest and 111 spellpower/95 hit rating trinkets.

    Just an idea if you really want to upgrade from that blue hat, since I have never seen a cloth head drop from Ulduar-10 so far :P

  • lolz

    I have me a blue hat too… I hate it.

    I have a new rule for raid composition.

    No Death Knights, Rogues or Druids allowed in my raid until I have a new purple hat! (or two… maybe three)

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Good Guildy! How to be one

  • I hear ya. Hat of Wintry Doom for me. I hate it with a passion, it doesn’t match my gear at all!

    krizzlybears last blog post..Feral is the new Resto?

  • Know the feeling…. not at all as purple as you – but that blue hat is just annoying! The one time I’ve seen the hat from Sapph drop – a warlock got it! *hrmpf*

    BlueTigers last blog post..Meh…