This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Round Table Revelations

On Friday we recorded the TNB Round table. Someone (Patrick?, Bear ? I can’t remember who said it ) said something that was a startling revelation to me.

When Blizz allows “faction changes” suddenly you will be able to get BOA shoulders/chest pieces over to the other faction even though you don’t yet have an 80 on that faction.

By extension, that BOA mount (blizzcon bear anyone?).. you’ll also be able to transfer that. Woot!

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4 comments to Round Table Revelations

  • It was me, but I was speculating based on Blizzard blue statements that they would do their best to transfer gear that was faction specific to an equivalent. Speculating.
    .-= TheBigBearButt´s last blog ..Hey, the Twisted Nether show is up! =-.

  • Khrul

    But the question still remain…what about the rest of your alts on a server that is RPPVP or PVP?
    .-= Khrul´s last blog ..Mtn Dew Tuesday =-.

  • Nibuca

    Yes.. the question remains..

    My bet is one of the following:
    – Blizz changes it so you can have toons on either faction on a PVP server (doubtful)
    – Blizz allows you to change faction for toons on a PVP server only if you also transfer to another server OR if that’s your only toon on this server.
    – Blizz does not allow PVP server toons to change faction. (doubtful)

  • Yes! I have thought of this! Namely because I’ve been searching (well, I searched and gave up because there was no way) for a way to get my BlizzCon bear over to my new server (PvP server where I play horde). I can finally have it again!!
    .-= Brandon Tilley´s last blog ..Problems with Dual Specs and Action Bars =-.