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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06

  • RT @Totalbiscuit: This, this is excellent – freaking hilarious #prototype #humor #
  • RT: @Syrana Yay Abi from Shadow Word: Blog has joined the twitterati. Give him a warm welcome :D @abifails Twitter virgin cherry is popped. #
  • Ok.. good weekend so far. Got chest for 4 pc T8.5, then bracers off AH for EPIC Achievement. Then Abyssal Rune trinket from ToC. v. pleased. #
  • New MC blog post: Gem of a Deal #warcraft #gems #honor #
  • RT @tweetmeme CATACLYSM: Save Old Azeroth now before it’s too late! | inoperanteonline #
  • Visit old Azeroth. Take loverly SS. Upload to Flickr. Add to "Old Azeroth group" #CataclysmIsComing #
  • Made 2 pc toast for breakfast. Finished one & noticed the plate is empty. Did I eat the other piece.. or did the dog steal it? /sigh #
  • Running around Exodar. It sounds like it has tin floors. Draenei have hooves.. hooves+tin floor.. no wonder it's always empty here. #
  • My first set of pics for the Old Azeroth project: Bloodmyst Isle and Rut'Theran Village #warcraft #
  • RT: @ILikeBubbles "fyi, i think i got crit by work, but the lag is so bad i can't tell if i got oneshotted so i might be late tonight" #
  • RT: @Arrens Me: "You mean I can PvP in the office?" Boss: "I don't know what that means, but if your pants stay on, sure." #
  • Someday I will do an XT-002 video & use this as the soundtrack. Heard on The Instance and about died LOLing. #warcraft #
  • YES YES!!! OMG YES @warcraft RT: @brigwyn Brig's Cataclysm Questions: Will the Goblin king be voiced by David Bowie in the expansion? #
  • /grumble they misspelled "Scourge" RT @brigwyn (via @MMOcker) another post on why you should be wary of #Evony #
  • I LOL'd From @ProjectLore: "Nothing cuter than a tiny, two-headed dog that spews lava all over your shoes, is there?" #
  • I LOL'd BBB writes: "Worgen, a source of endless amusement" #
  • Ok.. @warcraft needs our help. Tweet @warcraft with your suggestion for #dailywow where the answer isn't obvious & generates discussion. #
  • #suggesteddailywow @warcraft What do you think the next mini-pet should be? What do you think the next mount should be? #
  • I'm bothered that NE Mage will look like Night elfs. If their "highborne" shouldn't they look more like blue-eyed blood-elves? #lollore #
  • Wait.. so "highborne" and "high elf" aren't the same thing? What's Fiora Longears? #lorelol #
  • So.. if I play "NE Mage" I'm actually playing someone who's thousands of yrs old & been around since rocks were soft? #
  • RT @WOWBlue Koralon the Flame Watcher has Arrived #
  • New MC blog post: Mage vs Warlock: AKA why Warlocks are better #warcraft #magevswarlock #rivalry #
  • RT @extralife Dear Gmail. I <3 U in countless & incredibly unnatural ways, until you quit working.Then I wanna rip out your soul & pee on it #
  • Pretty sure that Gmail crashing is going to crash Twitter with all the "ZOMG is gmail borked for anyone else" tweets. #
  • RT: @xinaz Freaked out: my calendar for sept shows snowy pines: wtf? where is my autumn colors? Bad calendar… #
  • I <3 TED. Wireless Electricity (WiTricity) /want /now!!! TED talks make me giddy to see the future. #TED #want #
  • /workrage Required to complete online course for work. Test at the end. I got 1 wrong because it wouldn't let me click C. /htmlfail #
  • HRm.. My RSS feed just sneezed and re-published ~41 entries from last year. WTFs up with that? #
  • My friends make me LOL: "I wish I was a dog so I could lick my own butt and get this taste out of my mouth." #
  • Target Dummy #s: Self buffed Afflic 3.1k. Self buffed Destruction 2.6k. either my fingers know Affliction better or blame replenishment. #
  • while(1==0) { giveUup(); letUdown(); runAround(); desertU();} #songsincode #rickrolled #
  • RT @TwistedNether: TNB Live Thursday 9/3 9:30pm PST – Tharion Greyseer of Lorecrafted #
  • Twitterflail. WTF Twitter? Why only show me some @replies.. I want them all I'm missing conversations!! You suck. #
  • WoW Macro Explainer is made of WIN. Link to my fav macro: . Site's still in beta so there are a few bugs. #
  • RT @Faulsey Re: Tauren Paladins, a Commenter: "RET-BULL GIVES YOU WIIIIIIINGS!!!!!!" I lol'd. #warcraft #tauren #paladin #
  • RT: @Warcraft #WoW Paid Faction Change is now live! Check out for more information! #
  • If you're not a Blitz engineer you have no right to keep saying "It's not that hard" about fixing the problems. It -is- that hard so STFU. #
  • RT: @alachia Old Azeroth Highlights #
  • SS from Blizzcon "how soulshards will work" shows pet.. with a decidedly non-normal pet name. Warlock pet renames maybe? #
  • New MC blog post:The Cataclysm Bucket List #cataclysm #warcraft #to-do #
  • Reminder to SF Bay Area folks: Bay Bridge is closing tonight at 8pm and won't open again until Tuesday. (Thanks @Xinaz for the reminder) #
  • *sigh* @syrana doesn't love me and @zideshow is ignoring me. /email fail /dejected. #
  • RT @Mandaril First person to say something totally stupid tonight in Trade will get a "Why haven't you switched to horde yet?". #
  • RT @TwistedNether: TNB Live Thursday 9/3 9:30pm PST – Tharion Greyseer of Lorecrafted (That's ~5 hrs from now!!) #
  • Anyone know how to contact the folks at Flinthammer Hall? No email link on site.. not contact form.. & don't want to leave this as a comment #
  • *sigh* logged out to update video settings.. logged back in and I'm falling through the Twisting Nether. Ironic.. but not funny. #
  • I think tomorrow I will have a Lore post on Mystic Chicanery. It'll be my second :P In honor of the TNB interview with @greyseer #
  • #FollowFriday @warcraft for breaking "official news"(and entertainment) and @wowblue for links to blue posts via mmo-champion. #
  • :P my dogs came in.. smelled like poo.. I gave them a bath.. now they smell like shampoo. Is that Irony? #

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