This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Addon: CLSaver

CLSaver (short for Combat Log Saver) toggles your /combatlog on/off as you enter/leave raid instances. You could totally do it manually.. but if you’re like me.. you’d forget. CLSaver does it automatically.

/combatlog save all of the entries in your Combat Log into a file in your WoW Logs directory. This file can be uploaded to online WoW parsers (WWS, World Of Logs) or manually parsed (yuck) to find out information about the combat.

Example WWS report:
Example WoL report of the same fight:

In addition to CLSaver I recommend you also read through Stoppable Force’s excellent article about setting up your combat logs to be automatically archived.

How to make a combatlog and then upload to WWS/WoL:
1. Delete your current combat log (normally under {WoW install directory}/Logs/WoWCombatLog.txt
) or make sure that you have something (Like Stop’s auto-archiver) setup to keep the log size down.
2. Log into WoW.
3. Before combat starts toggle on your Combat Log by typing /combatlog (or have CLSaver do it automatically)
4. Fight. A Lot.
5. Toggle off your Combat Log by typing /combatlog (or have CLSaver do it for you automatically).
6. Exit WoW.
7. Start up the client for WWS or WoL (whichever one you’re planning to upload to) and upload the log file.
8. Admire the results.

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