This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Not in the notes

I think Blizz is getting a smidge sloppy with Warlock tooltips. It’s kind of the “We’re going to change them entirely.. so meh.. whatever.. they’ll be fine for a few months.” There’s a few things going on in Warlockery (most specifically Affliction) that unless you’re obsessive about watching for blue posts (or notice something in testing) you may have missed.

Immolate and Unstable Affliction no longer stack. Meaning they cannot be use by the same warlock on the same mob. I know, I know it’s old news.. but some people haven’t gotten the message. This change only really effects you if you’ve spec’d into Unstable Affliction (which if you’re affliction you should have) and if you have Unstable Affliction, then use it.

Back when Siphon Life was removed as a separate spell they also updated Glyph of Siphon Life. It now only effects the -healing- done by Siphon Life. So if you’re rocking this glyph… EWWW change. This is NOT a dps increase. Recommended glyphs: Life Tap, Quick Decay, Haunt.

If you’re spec’d into Everlasting Affliction the spell notes that your corruption ticks can be refreshed by Drain Life and Haunt. What it doesn’t note is that Shadow Bolts and the initial cast of Drain Soul will also refresh the duration of your corruption. I’m not sure when the Drain Soul bit got added.. but I noticed this last night and had to go corrupt a few test dummies (which chortling to myself). I haven’t really looked at this yet.. but I think it means that during execute you only need to interrupt DS to refresh Haunt.

This wouldn’t be in the tooltip but is of interest. When 3.3 initially went live ‘locks were able to super buff their haste and -then- cast corruption and keep corruption rolling with that initial haste for UNGODLY damage through the whole fight. Blizz quickly hotfixed the haste issue. At this point I’ve been told that the rolling corruption is still rolling with the ‘lock’s initial Crit.

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4 comments to Not in the notes

  • dorgol

    Part of me is looking forward to Cataclysm just so they can really streamline the tooltips. Some of them are just hideously long now (I’m looking at you Divine Sacrifice).

  • Kring

    Tooltip update require a client patch which requires more testing than a server patch. And the drain soul was added after 3.3 I think. And, we should be happy they added dummies. At least Dr. Boom should be happy. :)

    And I don’t think they will fix the rolling crit bug.According to a blue post WoW cannot really do that and they had to do some coding to remove the rolling haste from Corruption. Rolling crit is not really an issue because there are not that many possibilities to increase your crit rating. There is one trinket and a potion. For haste there are various raid buffs and many trinket proccs.

    Also, keep in mind that you should not let your Imp SB debuff drop from the Boss. Someone has to keep that debuff up in the last 35% and that person is going to suffer a personal dps lost. Affliction from casting SB instead of DS, demonology from casting SB instead of Soul Fire and Mages from casting scorch instead of whatever else is in their rotation.

    There is something else that was not in the patch notes: The Imp Scorch debuff and the Imp SB debuff now have the same priority. Whenever you hit a mob with your SB, thr Imp Scorch debuff is removed and the Imp SB debuff applied. Whenever a mage hits the mob with Scorch, the Imp SB debuff is removed and the Scorch debuff applied.

    Why is that important? Make sure to update your debuff tracker to also track the Scorch debuff. While doing the weekly patch kill I was wondering why my Imp SB didn’t stick. And a mage was wondering why his scorch didn’t stick and we both were constantly overwriting the others debuff. :)

  • The change that Drain Soul can now refresh Corruption was the last in a series of hotfixes following 3.3 where initially Corruption when glyphed with Quick Decay was falling off targets quite easily. There was a pretty a long and remarkably constructive/civil thread on the official forums about the issue to which Ghostcrawler responded, first announcing the initial hotfix to Everlasting Affliction and then the Drain Soul addition.

    I find it strange that Blizzard hasn’t been more proactive about putting out small patches to correct ingame tooltips. The developers have stated numerous times that keeping the tooltips intuitive and short is a high priority. They don\’t want to talents, for instance, into PvE and PvP variants in part because of the added complexity such a move would bring to Spell/Talent tooltips. I guess one could make the case that anyone for whom these subtleties would matter would learn about the latest developments anyway. I am uncomfortable with that though and I think Blizzard is too. While the meta-game and the theorycrafting that constitutes its is important, basic spell/talent mechanics should not be confusing or obfuscated. Make the basics intuitive and then let the spreadsheet artists go wild with the details and the bigger picture.
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  • Kring

    The last thing we want them to do is to trash the item cache even more, because that results in 2 days lag for a lot of players.

    I’m not sure about the talents but the item text of the items is in the item cache. They changed a few weapons during WotLK and you had the old dps on them until the next patch. But if you removed your item cache, the client downloaded a fresh one which was correct.

    So, yes, tooltips are nice. Not having to download the item cache every week is even nicer. :)