This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-09

  • New MC Post >> Addon: Elitist Group (Thanks @grimtorn) #
  • Idle wondering: Lady Deathwhisper's shield is a mana shield. Does it make sense to use Drain Mana on it? Wonder if that's faster than dps. #
  • I LOL'd #
  • Best phrase of the day "urban hillbillies". Have I mentioned I love my friends? #
  • RT: @brigwyn Confirmed Interviewing Arxkanite, the creator of Gear Score for The Hunting Lodge Podcast. #
  • RT @notpatrick: This made me chuckle: Avatar = slightly amended Pocahontas – (via @matthieublanco @gonzague @macsym) #
  • New MC post: 2009 Blogging Retrospective (not WoW related.. just stats and navel gazing) #
  • Hey Twitter.. should Unholy DKs attack Aspirants or Fanatics on Lady Deathwhisper fight? How do you handle your DKs on that fight? #
  • Hehe! I am underneath the SF Bay and I still have signal! Technology is spiff!! #
  • RT: @anexxia Players can now send a whisper to a player from another realm that is currently in their party. #WoW #
  • I finally found a setting on the office coffee machine that's not "bitter drek with froth". It's so tasty I'm contemplating a 2nd cup. #
  • Hmm.. so it looks like I made ~6¢ last year. Go Me. #
  • Earthquake in SF.. probably barely a 3. #
  • I was wrong. USGS pegs it at ~4.2 centered east of San Francisco between Fremont and San Jose #
  • 10% of Avatar ticket purchases on Fandango have been made via mobile devices. #CES2010 (via @laurafrofro ) #

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