This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • New MC Post: "Addon: PallyPower" #warcraft #pallypower #
  • Bad attitude/anxiety attributed to work perf reviews. Please forgive me(and for God's sake, stop poking me. I won't be held accountable) #
  • Bear tanks: What are you doing to stay relevant in ICC? We're finding our bears to be v. squishy & we're looking for options. #
  • Bear Tanks: Hmmm based on responses it's possible our bears are undergeared (and therefore squishy). #
  • "Man caught at airport with 44 lizards in pants" (Because you can't make this shit up) #RLisWeird #
  • Note to self: how other ppl control your dps #
  • Highly recommend the Hunting Party Podcast. V. Much like the new intro song. I LOL'd at storytime in Ep. 18 "Game: Will you heal me if…" #
  • New MC Post: TNB 74 – Elite Hardcore Altoholic #TNB #raiding #
  • The biggest drawback I see to the iPad is the klunky data entry. Extern or on-screen keyboard is so last century. WTB stylus a la Palm Pilot #
  • Help me Intarwebz, you're my only hope. Sent out 5 invites to TNB on Fri & got radio silence. Need guest willing to talk WoW at 8pm PST. #
  • Ok.. I literally laughed out loud to see that #iTampon is a trending topic. #
  • I LOL'd RT: @Skulfrak No, I will not bring my imp out so you can have a stamina buff. Buy yourself a scroll. #
  • "And that's the news" #humor #selfreferentialdrivel (via @david_Carroll from @codinghorror) #
  • TNB Live Friday 1/29 8pm PST – Frostheim #
  • RT: @inachinashop Yes, yes we should, especially with info like this RT @WOWBlue: Should we be excited for Cataclysm? #
  • RT @IzzyGrail Love the fact I found out Daksa was on Twitter from @gnomewise lol (@DaksaCH is @IzzyGrail 's wife) #
  • Sometimes @brigwyn without context is creepy. #
  • Brigwyn listed @arrens, @saresa and @syrana.. commonality: all warlocks. I think @brigwyn is fixated on warlocks. Fairly sure of it. #

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