This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
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And a pony too?

Well I’ll be damned.

This morning I sat down to write a post.. and I started writing about how annoyed I was to spend all week every week in ICC.. either ICC-10 or ICC-25.. regardless I am always in ICC.. I’m utterly bored with ICC. SO after writing ~3 paragraphs about this I decided the topic was kind of boring.. and wasn’t really going anywhere.. and had no conclusions that changed everything. So I deleted the proto-post and went back to thinking about other things.

In the course of “thinking about other things” I clicked over to the blue tracker.. and stumbled on a recent (this morning) blue post about just that topic.. and Blizz’s plans for Cataclysm.. and find that they have address ALL of the things that have been bugging me.

Raid changes in Cataclysm:
– One lockout per dungeon. You will only be able to attempt 10 OR 25 each week..and once you’re locked into a 10 you can’t go do the 25 of that same dungeon.
– 10s and 25s will drop the same loot. 25s will drop more loot/badge/gold per person than 10s to offset the “difficulty in running 25 man teams”. BUT the same items will be found in both versions of the dungeon.
– At each progression level there will be multiple shorter dungeons available so you can choose which raid to do instead of being locked always into the same one.

So.. ok.. wow. Good morning.

Tomorrow I plan to abort an article writing about Warlock burst damage. Just so you know. /wink

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