This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.


After a frantic 10 minutes where Blizzard refused to accept my credit card and I transfered money elsewhere so we could use a different card.. I finally got tickets for Blizzcon. So yeah! I know where I’ll be at the end of October.


Sorry for the radio silence.. lots of non-WoW things happening.. and not much WoW.

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5 comments to YEAH BLIZZCON!

  • Kradokk

    Congrats on the tickets.

    Got my ticket. Maybe I will run into you guys there.

  • After a issue with my card I missed out on the chance to go to Blizzcon… make sure you blog plenty about it when you get back, for the sake of us poor stay-at-homes!
    .-= Kiri´s last blog ..New WarAnvil Forums! =-.

  • Derleth

    Congrats! You guys had great coverage last year.. are you planning on doing it again this year? are you going to do another meet up this year?

    • Nibuca

      Yes to both questions :) We are currently in the planning stages for the 2010 meetup.

      • meistara

        You know, I’m pretty sure I have a portable PA system (belongs to the Province, but no one wants it, so it’s put away)… I’ll see if I can find it… Could come in handy. :-)