This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Maelstrom ho!

I “finished” Vashj’ir. Well.. ok, I’m 145/160 with no leads on the other 15 quests. Teh Intarwebz (and twitter) says the count is borked.. so hopefully Blizz will get that fixed soon so I can get the achievement.

The quest line was very enjoyable. I’m glad that I’m a quest reader.

That said, the final quest left me at the edge of a crater.. with no clue what I was supposed to do next. No breadcrumb. No “flight point”. It just sort of fizzled at the very end and left me feeling like I’d misread the last message and hadn’t gotten some kind of hidden clue about what to do next.

I did swim down and discover Throne of Tides (and learned that if you swim to the bottom of that pool.. you die) And I picked up two quests just inside the instance door.. but I haven’t yet run the instance.

Idaknow. I guess my plan is to go off to Stormwind and see if I can pick up a breadcrumb to Maelstrom/DeepHolm. Just feels like I missed something.

[Edited to add: just so no one else runs into the problem, once you get to the bottom of the whirlpool there's the portal to Throne of Tides.. if you wander around there's an NPC who will teleport you back up to the surface to get "back" to Vashj'ir]

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7 comments to Maelstrom ho!

  • While I haven’t finished either Hyjal or Vashj’ir yet I hit 82 by doing half of both zones. When I went back to Orgimmar I had a quest from one of those new fancy “call to war” poster boards that seem to be all over the city. If anything the Earthen Ring rep near those portals should have a quest to take you to Deepholm.

  • Do tell if you find out.. I have not finished Vaj yet (party because I am easily distracted)… AKA I started a Worgen with a friend and then decided I should try mining in Hyjal for the heck of it with my weak ass Shaman of low level (who is now lying dead somewhere).. anyway, I think I should be at the end of Vash soon…

  • Goodmongo

    In Hyjal the achievement only needed 115 quests but I ended up doing 135 in the zone. It was nice but there were no real leads for Deepholm except for me to go back to Org. Once there I noticed the board with the quest.

    I need to do Vash but don’t want to do the whole place. i only want the seahorse, quartermaster, entrance to instance and a way out of there. BTW if you start Vash and leave is there a quick easy way to get back to it and pick up where you left off?

  • Nibuca

    I think as long as you keep your current quest in your quest log you should be fine. Pretty much the whole zone is on rails. Quest A leads to Quest B leads to Quest c which shepherds you across the zone. Honestly I don’t know if you can pick and choose what you want to do in the zone.

    Until you do quest B, quest C doesn’t exist. So in order to get the sea horse you’ll just need to do the questline up to the point where you get the sea horse (it is relatively early in the zone).

    I -do- think you can discover the entrance to the instance.

    Honestly I don’t remember running into a Quartermaster…

    • Oh, missed your last comment there…

      There is a quartermaster for the Earthen Ring in Vashj’ir, he’s in one of the earlier caves in the second part of the zone. Silver Tide Hollow, I think.

      And yarr, you can go and get the dungeon instance without doing any quests (although of course doing the first one to get sea legs buff, or even going far enough to get the sea horse would make it a lot easier.)
      Naithin´s last post ..Vashj’ir

    • Ronzily

      A couple of the zones have breadcrumb quests to the next zones that actually come up earlier in the zone, if you meet the level requirement. For some, that may mean they’re easy to miss.

      In Vashj’ir, you get a quest that leads to Deepholm from someone on the boats when you finally make it above the surface.

      In Deepholm, you get a quest almost from the very beginning that sends you to Tanaris and onward to Uldum.

      I just kept those quests in my log, finished out the zones, and then headed on my way. But I can see how they’d be easy to miss, especially in Vashj’ir where you’re otherwise being handheld the entire time!

  • The zone sort of ends with the dungeon quests, really, although the only real hint you get about even doing them is… Well..


    When Erunark is grabbed and pulled into the Maelstrom, the Orc with you (whose name I forget, and perhaps is some alliancey type if you’re alliance) starts swimming towards the Maelstrom, yelling, ‘I’m going in to save Erunark, and if you’re half the they say you are, so will you.’

    However, even though it does go on in that way and you do get quests to avenge yourself against the Naga lady (whose name I’ve /also/ forgotten) and rescue Erunark, and heck, even to undo the taint that was done during the Defending the Rift cutscene… It still felt a bit of an abrupt ending, so your point still stands.

    I think it felt so abrupt to me because it spanned something like 150 odd quests to get to that point, then within 30 minutes (if you do the dungeon right after) it’s all over. Done. *shrug*


    Still, I did very much like the zone nonetheless.
    Naithin´s last post ..Vashj’ir