This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Too Many Buttons

Am I a mage?

I realized yesterday that I’m running out of easily accessible button slots for all my spells I use during a fight.

Critical during a fight:
Pet Attack/recall
Mouseover Set Focus macro
Bane of Agony
Unstable Affliction
Life Tap
Curse of the Elements
Shadow Bolt
Soul Fire
Fel Fire
Demon Soul
Seed of Corruption
Rain of Fire
Drain Life
Drain Soul
Soul Swap
Demonic Teleport (macro’d into 1 button)
Soul Shatter

Nice to have easily accessible:
Drain Mana

Accessories that need to be somewhere:
Soul Link
Summon Demon
Summon Infernal
Summon Doomguard
Eye of Kilrog
Demon Armor/fel Armor
Shadow Ward
Underwater Breathing

This is totally ignoring all of those silly fire spells I don’t ever cast. Sheesh.

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9 comments to Too Many Buttons

  • Shastarain

    With some of those skills, you could have your macros set up using modifiers.
    eg: SoC and RoF on the same button, just you hold SHIFT to do RoF.

    I’ve got Shift-(Q,A,D,E,R,F,T,Z,X) (which are all nicely around my left hand area on the keyboard) bound to useful abilities on all my characters (Fel Armor, Demonic Teleport, Nitro Boots, etc) that aren’t directly DPS related. I hide these abilities on a hidden action bar

  • Betty

    @Shastarain, you put non dps spells on the easiest to reach keys? Where do you put all the dps related spells?

  • Shastarain

    Generally on the 1-6 keys, with a few bound to mouse keys.

  • “Accessories that need to be somewhere:” –> OPie for me.
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    • Ronzily

      I’ll second the recommendation for Opie. I have two rings bound for warlocky stuff — CTRL+D brings up a ring with all my demons, and CTRL+C brings up a ring with all the accessory warlock abilities: Fel Armor, Demon Armor, Ritual of Souls, Soul Stone, Healthstone, etc.

      That said, I’m STILL running out of keybinds for all of my important abilities. I tend to do main damage rotation spells 1-6. and then any cooldowns or situational abilities on z, x, t, f, g, e, q, or things like that. Just the addition of Demon Soul and Fel Fire has thrown my keybinds all off. I’m sure I’ll figure out a good solution soon, but it’s sheer madness right now!

  • Hey Nibuca, I am loving Bartender for this.
    - 1-6 for basic spell rotation, 7-0 for extended stuff (corruption, shadowflame, rain, drain life)
    - ff and soulburn mapped to mouse button 4 and 5.
    - middle button (click wheel) for soul fire
    - alt-wheel up for CoE.
    - alt-wheel down for fear
    - shift-wheel up for death coil (bringing into questing for instant cast damage).
    - shift-wheel down used for target macro.
    - Seed, teleport (single button also), summon __ demon, etc. all need to be clicked on. In all, I have 3 rows of buttons for spells, at 70% normal size across bottom of screen.
    - Scattered around also are profession buttons, healing options (lifebloom, hs) and pots. Plus 2 buttons for random mount or travelers mammoth.

    could I remote a few? Maybe. How often do I use Searing Pain? or Enslave Demon?
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  • SoulOMatic

    Get to love BANISH… been using it a lot.

  • Sean Boocock

    Don’t forget Dark Intent :)

    I can definitely empathize though. I have given up being able to incorporate PvP keybinds with my default (raiding) keybinds at this point. Part of the problem is I still stubbornly use the default action bars. Still, the number of abilities we have in regular use is quite high, perhaps dwarfed only by hybrids like feral kitties that might be called upon to throw the random heal/innervate/root every now and then.