This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Dungeon Cheatsheets

HI all,

I haven’t done many of the dungeons yet.. and I’m still 1 point away from being able to do heroics.. but for the dungeons I have done I’ve compiled a cheat sheet.

Comments welcomed.

The Vortex Pinnacle
Halls of Origination NOTE: the asshats I ended up with skipped most of the bosses in here so the info here is kind of bare. I’ll add more once I’ve done them.
The Stonecore

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2 comments to Dungeon Cheatsheets

  • Celendus


    - Kill the really big mobs first; immune to CC
    - Shadowlancers are dangerous; CC or kill quickly.
    - Humanoid and elemental CC is most essential.

    - Ride camels for achievement and immunity to quicksand.
    - Boss places spikes underfoot that dismount you – avoid.
    - Kill adds during add phase.

    - Alpha Strike places void zone that stay the whole fight. Tank should be careful about placing these.
    - Heavy group healing during omega beams; stacking may help.

    - Kill sparks asap.
    - Dodge laser beam.
    - Everyone face away when she casts supernova or get blinded.
    - Splits into parts twice; kill Astral Rain first time, then Celestial Call.

    - Kill seed pods ASAP; they heal the boss. They don’t show healthbars.
    - Tank the lashers on top of the floor stain left by Spores; they are immune to all other damage.

    - Burn portals ASAP.
    - Try to avoid Vezax-style shadow crash attack.
    - Tank will accumulate Sentinels over the fight; don’t bother to kill.
    - Tank can kite sentinels and take no damage with the help of dps snares.

    Rajh trash:
    - Revenants spawn adds when they die unless they are stunned at the time.