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I’m trying to be grown up about this.** I said I wouldn’t panic until the full patch notes were published. Well.. they’re published.. and I’m kinda pulling a full /sadface.

Things that make me have a sadface:
– Fel Armor now increases the warlock’s maximum mana by 10% instead of regenerating health.
– Improved Soul Fire now increases Fire and Shadow damage done by 4/8%, rather than 7/15% spell haste. In addition, this talent has been moved to tier-3 Destruction, switching places with Aftermath.
– Complete lack of “nice thing we’re going to do for you since we nerfed you 12% initially and took away an additional 15% of your haste”.

Fel Armor
I’m not even going to try and sugar coat this. The ability to self-heal is a cornerstone of our class.. and especially of Affliction.

As Poneria from Fel Concentration wrote on twitter: Who the fuck needs more mana when you have Life Tap? >.>

I was totally hoping they’d up the self heals elsewhere.. through some of those “long cast so you never use this in PVP” spells. Sadly, no. At the very least they could have added this as “10% more stamina”.

I don’t care how big my mana pool is. Nothing I have or do scales based on how much mana I have. Everything is based on my health pool. Health+Mana = Mana.

All this does is make me another drag on the healer. I’m -GOING- to life tap. In fact I’m going to do it MORE to fill up my suddenly bigger mana bar. Without the self heal I’m just sucking away the healer’s mana and using it for my own. THIS SUCKS.


I’m the warlock. I put up with horribly inefficient spells by using LifeTap to refill my mana-bar and self-heals to refill my health bar. If you nerf my self healing then I’m just an inefficient wannabe shadow mage who can’t evocate.

They gave us a crappy annoying toy.. and now their taking it away.. but they’re not giving us ANY toy in it’s place. Any toy, even a crappy annoying toy is more fun than no toy. /grump

As a vote of solidarity I’ll also pull a /sadface for all the ‘lock PVP nerfs.

** Yes, I see the irony about claiming to be a grown up while commenting about a video game.. You can just shut up now. I don’t need your commentating.

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4 comments to /sadface

  • I could not have said it better myself. I am so beyond annoyed right now with the Fel Armor change. I mean maybe just maybe its because eventually we will be using Drain Life as a filler instead of SB but come the hell on. Even a slight passive heal helps my healer and isn’t that the whole damn point of Cata right now. To -not- put stress on the healer. I’m all for making the game challenging but this is just getting out of hand. And for the love of god what lock has problems with mana!
    girl_vs_mmo´s last post ..Cataclysmic

  • Kring

    The more mana is nice, especially for demo. You don’t want to tap while meta is up which requires a nearly full mana bar. But tapping up before you fire up meta is a little bit inflexible with the tight “rotation”. This just gives you 10% more flexibility on how you tap up before you use your cooldowns.

  • nemausus

    I cant see this being the final build that will go live. Some of the changes are finewhateversuckbutdealwiththem, others are nice but not game changing on the grand scheme of things. But removing ISF from affliction specs will be a huge DPS loss for them if something isn’t done to replace it. Demonology got boost to their mastery bonus and immolation duration which should help if not totally offset loosing ISF, but so far afflic just gets the shaft. Being destro myself I like the changes they made to it, but something has to be given back to affliction to replace the DPS lost.

  • playing destro, I seem to always be out of mana. sure the extra heals was nice, but having to tap less, even better.

    maybe there trying to balance taking out drain mana as an option?
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