This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Since we’re on the subject…

Bursty classes (Rogues and hunters I’m looking at you) who pipe up in Vent with “Hardie har, looket, that last 5 second long fight I hit 38k damage” .. you can all just die in a fire.

It’s cold comfort to know that I’ll probably kick your ass in the boss fight.. but SERIOUSLY stop linking the DPS meters after every trash pull.. you’re embarrassing yourself.

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6 comments to Since we’re on the subject…

  • Kring

    Just pop meta, immolation aura, fel storm, shadowflame and hellfire. Then these classes burst doesn’t look so bursty anymore. :-)

  • Beldurn

    I’ve noticed a definite increase in the Recount Spams during Randoms lately. Yes, you out-DPSed me on some heroic trash. You are the uber. Next time I won’t banish, fear and seduce anything and just let you die.

  • Darkeyii

    I got the comment last nite to step up my dps. I told them that on the last trash I had banished, seduced, and feared three different mobs, (albet the seducee and fear got broken at least twice each) and did they want me to stop that, the reply came back no. I then linked CC and Interups back at them. We finished with no problems and I got a whisper that it was new to them how many CCs a lock has.