This post was published long before the Mists of Pandara Expansion.
The tips and techniques explained here may be outdated.

Ripsnarl’s Ghosts

In Deadmines on the fight with Ripsnarl.. where you have to quickly kill off the ghosts while the boss runs in and out of view.. how do you handle it?

I ran into a keyboard-throwing incident over the weekend where I was in a group with a shadow priest and the two of us were struggling to get enough damage onto the ghosts quickly enough. The group ended up falling apart.. and I ended up logging off in frustration to find something less upsetting to do (I DID LAUNDRY!!! YES!! I was that upset).

What do you do when the instance calls for “burst damage” and you’re just not burst-y?

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9 comments to Ripsnarl’s Ghosts

  • Roose

    Soul Swap and using the Succ.

  • You umm, expect there to also be a 3rd dps helping out. :x And then magic happens. ^_^

  • Fel Flame the snot out of things and pop CDs and hope that somebody pops Time Warp or somebody bursty beats me to it?
    Poneria´s last post ..Go Fish

  • Switch to my demo spec, even though I’m growing less and less fond of using it outside of world soloing.

    If I don’t feel like doing that, I just… uh… die. With the rest of the group.

    (though I will keep this in mind now for future Deadmine runs)

  • Celendus

    As a tank, I taunt them for melee cleavage and hit them with what dps I can spare. I also help dps them during boss-hiding phase.

    In your case you could have asked the priest to throw at least one mind spike on each add, which would probably help and not let his dots drop.

  • Kinzlayer

    An important question is how does your party/tank position themselves in respect to the boss?

    When I’m on my warlock I would 1) switch to my Demo spec + my Felguard = dead ghost really fast 2) tab target like mad and just Incinerate (although I might switch over to Fel Flame as someone above mentioned, we all know the ghosts dies too quick for dots to take full effect). When I’m on my warrior and tanking that boss, I will tell my range to stay about 5 yrs back of the boss but DO NOT stand too far, since Thunderclap + Cleave + Shockwave are plenty to grab their aggro and help out with dps on the adds.

  • SoulOMatic

    I’m destro… so burst isn’t an issue…

    We all hang out in the room. Felflame is nice… I typically Immoulate so I can Conflag.

    Incinerate while conflage in on CD.

    Soulburn’d Soulfire for the haste buff when up.

    I also have shadowfury available which is nice.

  • Discostu

    Everyone runs into the room, then just soulswap/ soulburned seed of corruption / The cone aoe spell that looks like a dragons head… It shouldnt be too much problem even as affliction as long as everyone is dpsing adds

  • Have a soul swap waiting whenever you can manage it. Otherwise Shadowflame on cooldown and Corruption + Shadowbolt the rest. It comes down to fast target switching and being aware. If your group’s dps is somewhat low you can afford to use more dots and soul swap between the adds while Shadowbolting.