Demonic Gateway.. situational.. but interesting

Questing along I dinged 87 and barely noticed.. it turns out I also didn’t notice a new spell which showed up on my toolbar:
Demonic Gateway

Last night I was mulling over my toolbar trying to improve my casting sequence (ie, make it less awkward and make sure I’m hitting all the buttons I should be hitting) when [...]

Eats, shoots, and leaves

Whelp, I’m still here.

“Mists of Pandara” is on sale for $30. It seemed silly to try out the game for 10 days without the expansion.. so I plunked down my money and expanded. My warlock is now 87.5 and wandering around the Valley of the Four Winds.

– Tweaking my UI makes [...]

Back in the good old days…

sometimes i mustI logged into WoW. Technically I messed it up. I accepted a 10 day free trial and completely forgot about the Scroll of Resurrection. My fiance is still playing.. he could have benefited from that scroll..and I would have giggled gleefully at the idea of jumping a character up to level 80. But alas, I bugger’d that. Oh well.

I logged in. Within the first 5 minutes (of staring at the Stormwind mailbox and trying to remember commands to adjust my UI) I was struck by the feeling of “why am I here?”. I’m still working through that. I’m here because it sounded like fun. Fun. That thing you do that is not work. Oh yeah. I remember.

So.. am I back.. idaknow.. see if I stick around for more than a month before you call me “back”.
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