Back in the good old days…

sometimes i mustI logged into WoW. Technically I messed it up. I accepted a 10 day free trial and completely forgot about the Scroll of Resurrection. My fiance is still playing.. he could have benefited from that scroll..and I would have giggled gleefully at the idea of jumping a character up to level 80. But alas, I bugger’d that. Oh well.

I logged in. Within the first 5 minutes (of staring at the Stormwind mailbox and trying to remember commands to adjust my UI) I was struck by the feeling of “why am I here?”. I’m still working through that. I’m here because it sounded like fun. Fun. That thing you do that is not work. Oh yeah. I remember.

So.. am I back.. idaknow.. see if I stick around for more than a month before you call me “back”.

Step 1: Remember how to open panels in the UI.
Step 2: Get curse client and upgrade all of my addons (with a mental note that “srsly, do I need all of these?” and a second mental note that “some of these don’t have updates and will need to be replaced.. once I figure out what the addon was for”)
Step 3: Oh yeah.. Nostromo N52TE. That’s right.. I have one of those.. where did I put it? (I’ve moved twice since I last logged on). Spend 45 minutes rutting around in boxes in the garage(mental note: “There really aren’t that many boxes left.. I should just deal with them and get it over with”). Finally fiance finds my Nostromo. I’d hidden it in plain sight on my desk behind my monitor. Hook up Nostromo.. try to remember how to adjust settings.. download/upgrade drivers/software.
Step 4: Figure out what buttons I’m supposed to push… I’m still on this step. I have a feeling I’ll be here for a while.

I found these:
It seems like they will be useful.

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