Vale of Eternal Meh

grumpy-girl2Last night I had a grump.

I’m playing through Kun-Lai Summit and I got to the part where I saw the opening of the gate to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

[ Aside:
So.. ok. The gate is now open. I’m just going to keep my mouth closed about how dang silly a “great wall of Pandaria with a gate” is for a hidden land which hasn’t been opened since early in the mists of time.. on.. you know, on a planet where flying is NORMAL and as easy as buying a flying mount. I don’t think their secret land is as secret as they think.

Frankly having run around in it for a (very short) while the only thing I can come up with is that the only reason it’s stayed empty is because everyone who has flown in there eventually just wandered off.. because Damn that place is boring. Pretty.. but nothing exciting going on there. *yawn* ]
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Down for the count

Computer’s still dead. Nothing on TV. Tracking company has helpfully told me that the new replacement fan is in the mail somewhere.. but gives no estimate on delivery date. So we wait.

In the meantime I stumbled on this:
Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual: The Decline and Fall of Warlocks in Cataclysm

It’s a great read. I’d [...]

The crack I was warned about

pettypetsAs I mentioned, I have finally trained in how to do battle petting.. hmm.. that sounds wrong.. trying again: I am now skilled in subjecting small furry (and sometimes not so furry) animals/beast/thingies to my will and very very slowly killing(or capturing) other small ani-beast-critters in pet battles. … there must be a shorter term for that.

Anyway. I’m amused that even at their strongest, the battle pets have about 1k hit points.. which means that none of these battle pets are stronger than a single tick of a single dot.. which is inline with the fact that I normally /love and then cast corruption on the critters as I run by.

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Because it made me snortle


Reminded me of this:

Also of interest:
“Why do you hate the shape of breasts in plate armor [...]

A tale of critters and battle pets

foxlingI hit 89 last night. Again it kind of snuck up on me.

While questing, I spotted a gold dot for a flower. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before.. but I’m one of -those- people when it comes to flowers.. you know, people hate questing with me because in the middle of making a bee line for the next objective I’ll abruptly veer off course to go pick a pretty pretty flower. In fact it’s to the point where if I see the gold dot on the mini-map I’m COMPELLED to go get the flower.. and when I -can’t- get the flower I start to feel a bit glum.
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Little bits of random

Random Bits

Running around Kun-Lai Summit. I’m thrilled to see tumbleweeds tumbling around. That amuses me. A lot.
I miss Death Coil. A quick grep of teh Intarwebs shows that “Death Coil” is now the name of a Death Knight thingy.. though honestly I remembered that.. and even way back (long, long ago when [...]

Button, Button. Who’s got the Button?

Razer Nostromo Gaming Keyboard

Razer Nostromo Gaming Keyboard

The good part about taking a nice long break is that when I come back I can look at my UI/setup with fresh eyes. I don’t remember where the buttons are.. or what they do.. and frankly half the buttons either no longer exist or no longer do the same thing.. so it’s a good chance to change it all up and re-do things entirely from the ground up. I’m currently working through my Nostromo and how it’s setup and rethinking a few things.

As I’ve mentioned before (long long ago and I’m sure you’ve all forgotten) I play with a Nostromo N52TE (I started with the N52 but it broke.. then I got a Belkin N52TE.. but it had a sticky button.. so recently I got the Razer N52TE… it’s just like the Belkin N52TE only without the sticky button)(Incidentally, I found the Belkin N52TE mapping software to be a lot easier to use than the Razer N52TE software). It’s an external accessory, kind of like an extra mini ergonomic keyboard that sits to the left of my actual keyboard. I’m right-handed. I play with my right hand on my mouse, left hand on the Nostromo and, when needed, I move both hands to my keyboard (opening various panels (bags, pets, professions), chatting, making macros, etc). I suppose I -could- play without it.. I’m sure there are plenty of people who manage just fine without it.. but -I- like it. I especially like the fact that it’s ergonomic (ie not going to trigger my RSI) and that I can reach 17-ish buttons without moving my hands.. and that I can easily map these to 40+ different actions in the game. All that without moving my hands off of the home keys on the Nostromo.
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So then I farmed some more carrots…

Christmas Bonfire at my parent’s house 2012.

Holidays were good. Got away from home and visited with the parents.. which means there was absolutely no WoW time over the break. I did get a few moments on New Years Day, after we got home, when I logged on, checked my presents under the tree [...]