Residual raiding fear

restless-shadeling.v7384Last night, at about 11:30 I ran my warlock down to Deadwind Pass. I want to get a blue Restless Shadeling. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to do this.. so far I’ve managed to tame only a white Shadeling. It bothers me to see my little “Number of pets tames for this area” and see the bar half in blue (for the blue Arcane Eye I nabbed) and half in white. So when I can I try to be logged in when the Shadelings spawn at midnight.
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There ought to be a manual…

The_More_You_KnowI know I’m a late comer to Mists of Pandaria and everyone else probably already knows this.. but here’s the things that I learned that were not obvious.

Getting home
From Pandaria there is a portal back to your faction home (Stormwind and .. Orgrimmar I assume but I don’t play horde so MMV) in the MoP starting area in the Jade Forest. There are also portals in the back of your faction’s hub in the Vale of the Eternal Blossom to all of your main cities. Getting -back- to Pandaria you should use the portal which is near where you find the portals that were used for Cataclysm. On Alliance side that’s up around the lake on the back of Stormwind.
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Everything-must-go sale

everything-goThe end (of leveling professions) is coming!! Or at least that’s what Godmother on Alt: ernative believes. Looking at the evidence I think it’s a fair guess. It maybe that only Blacksmithing is going in 5.2.. but I don’t doubt that the other crafting professions will follow.

So I asked myself: Self, what would it mean if you didn’t need to keep all those things (cloth, rocks, plants) to level up your professions on hand?
And self replied: Well gee, I could free up a lot of bank space.
To which I replied: Indeed. In fact.. if I were smart I’d unload all that crap now while the markets are high and most of the population of WoW is unaware of the revamps waiting in the wings. Indeed.
To which self replied: Wait. What if you’re wrong?
To which I replied: Meh then in the future, when I decide to level another profession I’ll have to re-gather all the materials. But in the meantime I’ll make bank. I’m willing to take the risk.

So it is with this little internal dialog that I decided that all my toons were having an “Everything must go” sale and emptying all the banks.
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Srsly Blizz?

WoWScrnShot_020313_095258Seriously.. WTF? What’s the big idea putting a battle pet out in the middle of the ponds? It’s a damn fool thing if you ask me.. I can’t battle it while I’m swimming.. and I can’t battle it while I’m walking on water. The only thing I can do is kill it and hope it spawns elsewhere, closer to the shore. SERIOUSLY? That’s just FRUSTRATING!
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Darksiders II

I don’t play it.. in fact I really don’t know what platform it’s for.. but this parody(?) of the game trailer made me LOL.

As an aside: epic pony of green fire-ness. [...]

Vale of Eternal Meh

grumpy-girl2Last night I had a grump.

I’m playing through Kun-Lai Summit and I got to the part where I saw the opening of the gate to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

[ Aside:
So.. ok. The gate is now open. I’m just going to keep my mouth closed about how dang silly a “great wall of Pandaria with a gate” is for a hidden land which hasn’t been opened since early in the mists of time.. on.. you know, on a planet where flying is NORMAL and as easy as buying a flying mount. I don’t think their secret land is as secret as they think.

Frankly having run around in it for a (very short) while the only thing I can come up with is that the only reason it’s stayed empty is because everyone who has flown in there eventually just wandered off.. because Damn that place is boring. Pretty.. but nothing exciting going on there. *yawn* ]
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Down for the count

Computer’s still dead. Nothing on TV. Tracking company has helpfully told me that the new replacement fan is in the mail somewhere.. but gives no estimate on delivery date. So we wait.

In the meantime I stumbled on this:
Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual: The Decline and Fall of Warlocks in Cataclysm

It’s a great read. I’d [...]

The crack I was warned about

pettypetsAs I mentioned, I have finally trained in how to do battle petting.. hmm.. that sounds wrong.. trying again: I am now skilled in subjecting small furry (and sometimes not so furry) animals/beast/thingies to my will and very very slowly killing(or capturing) other small ani-beast-critters in pet battles. … there must be a shorter term for that.

Anyway. I’m amused that even at their strongest, the battle pets have about 1k hit points.. which means that none of these battle pets are stronger than a single tick of a single dot.. which is inline with the fact that I normally /love and then cast corruption on the critters as I run by.

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Because it made me snortle


Reminded me of this:

Also of interest:
“Why do you hate the shape of breasts in plate armor [...]

A tale of critters and battle pets

foxlingI hit 89 last night. Again it kind of snuck up on me.

While questing, I spotted a gold dot for a flower. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before.. but I’m one of -those- people when it comes to flowers.. you know, people hate questing with me because in the middle of making a bee line for the next objective I’ll abruptly veer off course to go pick a pretty pretty flower. In fact it’s to the point where if I see the gold dot on the mini-map I’m COMPELLED to go get the flower.. and when I -can’t- get the flower I start to feel a bit glum.
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