Slow leveler

Meanwhile, while leveling my new Shaman…
I’ve always felt that I’m a slow leveler. I have a smattering of toons in the mid 30s/40s and only two have ever been at max level for an expansion. I’m pleased that leveling Sapph, my Pandaran, has so far seemed to go more quickly. I’m sure it’s [...]

Sneaking into Thunder Dome

mad-max-beyond-thunderdome-607x455 On Sunday I finally got a chance to log in and try out the new 5.2 Shadow-Pan Assault stuff. In general I like the dailies.. honestly I -love- being a leaping lizard. In specific.. I dislike doing dailies that don’t result in an immediate reputation gain. I -get- that I’m moving the needle along for unlocking the content.. but it’s dissatisfying. It’s ESPECIALLY dissatisfying since my chance of experiencing the unlocked content and getting into the raid is nearly null.. and yet the good gear is gated by a reputation that I can’t get unless I run the raid. That’s just annoying.

Regardless, eventually my curiosity got the best of me. I can’t stand to be kept out of an area by a silly little wall. So I wandered off to check things out.
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Just for the perks

Meanwhile, while leveling my new Shaman…
While running through Westfall I received a guild invite out of the blue. Now normally when I get these things on some random alt I immediately reject them. This time the invite was followed by a whisper to the effect that “Hey, we’re a level 25 leveling guild and [...]

Woe to be a lowbie

Meanwhile, while leveling my new Shaman…
It actually took me until level 15 to remember about the account-bound armor. See I’ve tried to level a Shaman in the past.. and I’ve bought a few of the +experience pieces. So it was just a matter of rounding it all up and sending it from one alt [...]

I can haz Epic Neck?

I logged into AskMrRobot this morning to see what new updates are available and where best to spend my valor/justice points after the patch and I spotted a link that says “Get a level 522 neck TODAY!”

Yes please.

The sad part, for me, is that I can’t log into the game again until next week. But [...]

What’s old is new again

sapphAs I mentioned I’ve been playing my new baby Panda shaman, Sapph. The starting zone was interesting, though I agree with Rohan over at Blessing of Kings, if I had to choose a faction based on the actions of Ji vs the actions of Aysa.. let’s just say Aysa needs to get off her butt and -do- something more impressive than meditating on posts. For the most part I found the quests pleasant and easy to do. The only exceptions were the boss fights and the final “heal the turtle” quest.

For the boss fights I thought they ran exceptionally long. My poor baby shaman is plinking away at the boss and it’s taking for-ever.. and I KNOW the boss isn’t going to kill me.. and I KNOW that my warlock could kill this puny little boss in like one dot.. but instead I spent 5-8 minutes plinking away at the big badie. I suppose if I’d done this with 101 other people in the zone that the fight would have gone much more quickly.. but as a singleton.. yeah.. that was kind of long and boring. I didnt’ even have any cool buttons to push. IN FACT!!! In one of the boss fights I ran out of mana.. and was just hitting the boss for white damage for 80% of the fight. THAT TOTALLY SUCKED! (and coincidentally made me -REALLY- miss lifetap)
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Shiny and new

Twas the night before patch day.. and all through the house.. yeah.. more of the same. A heroic here, a scenario there, but everywhere, a daily.

I suppose I should prep.. heck I suppose I should have been prepping for the last few weeks.. but.. meh. I find myself below the barrier. My warlock [...]

Whar’s ma DPS.. AGAIN?

gnome_girl1I picked up Mists of Pandaria ~3 months after the initial launch. It took me 1 month to level to 90. Considering I was only leveling a few days a week.. and I took a week or so off when my video card died and to experience battle pets I think it’s safe to say that by the time I hit 90 and -started- doing heroics most everyone else in my random heroic group has been running these same heroics for nearly 4 months.

I can almost feel them /pat me on the head when I announce at the beginning of each run that “I’ve never run this Heroic before so I’d appreciate any pointers you have”.

For them, this instance is old hat. They know which way you go, where you stand, how you pull the boss, whether you spread out, stand 45 degrees off of each other or stack up. For the most part they already have the loot off the boss so they aren’t carefully scrutinizing each drop to figure out if they need it and if it’s an upgrade. They are running willy-nilly out of the room -while- I scrutinize the loot making it very difficult to keep up/know which way to go. They’ve already completed the quests.. so they’re not looking for sparkly things as they go through the instance.. nor are they completing the instance only to find that they must have missed one of the quest items (only to have that silly quest sit half finished in their quest log).
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Scenarios: A Little Patience

Yeah.. ok I don’t get it.

At some point while leveling I picked up the quest “A Little Patience” which wanted to send me into a scenario. I held onto it for a few days.. first off, I am still kind of puzzled about what a scenario is.. and once I figured out what it was (kind of like a dungeon, kind of like a group quest, except you don’t need specific roles.. supposedly) then my plan originally was to read up about the scenario before I tried it. BUT THEN I HAD A “BRILLIANT IDEA” {cue ominous music}

If Blizz has done their homework.. and it’s true that anyone can jump into a scenario at any time, with no specific roles.. then it shouldn’t be required for me to research the scenario before I jump into it. If Blizz has done right… then once I get in the scenario it should be OBVIOUS what I should do. RIGHT? Yeah, not so much.
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I could have been a contender…

OnTheWaterfront1On Monday it occurred to me that I’ve been getting Valor points in doing my tiller daily quests.. and I started to wonder, “Do I have any other currencies? and are they in danger of capping?”. I finally figured out how to open my currency tab and sure enough, I had 4,000 justice points.. which means sure enough, it’s capped. So ok. I need to spend these things.. what do I spend them on?***

The obvious answer is gear.. but in order to figure out which gear would be the best purchase I first had to figure out what gear I needed.
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