Vale of Eternal Meh

grumpy-girl2Last night I had a grump.

I’m playing through Kun-Lai Summit and I got to the part where I saw the opening of the gate to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

[ Aside:
So.. ok. The gate is now open. I’m just going to keep my mouth closed about how dang silly a “great wall of Pandaria with a gate” is for a hidden land which hasn’t been opened since early in the mists of time.. on.. you know, on a planet where flying is NORMAL and as easy as buying a flying mount. I don’t think their secret land is as secret as they think.

Frankly having run around in it for a (very short) while the only thing I can come up with is that the only reason it’s stayed empty is because everyone who has flown in there eventually just wandered off.. because Damn that place is boring. Pretty.. but nothing exciting going on there. *yawn* ]
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Down for the count

sportsComputer’s still dead. Nothing on TV. Tracking company has helpfully told me that the new replacement fan is in the mail somewhere.. but gives no estimate on delivery date. So we wait.

In the meantime I stumbled on this:
Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual: The Decline and Fall of Warlocks in Cataclysm

It’s a great read. I’d be interested in a follow up now that the Mists of Pandara changes are live.

That said.. I dropped out of warlocking (and WoW in general) for reasons completely unrelated to the game (Real life strikes Nibuca. Nibuca is stunned. Oh, she’s down for the count folks…). I’m kind of glad I missed the madness that was the end of Cataclysm Affliction Warlockery. Just reading about it makes my head ache. So far, and keep in mind I’m still leveling and have NO idea about raiding, Affliction seems ok. There’s a fair amount of buttons to push.. but not too many. If anything I think I’ve now got too many “oh shit” buttons. In leveling (of course) I’ve been fairly lax about paying attention to all those buttons.. I suspect I’ll need to do better if I want to start raiding. We’ll see.

The crack I was warned about

pettypetsAs I mentioned, I have finally trained in how to do battle petting.. hmm.. that sounds wrong.. trying again: I am now skilled in subjecting small furry (and sometimes not so furry) animals/beast/thingies to my will and very very slowly killing(or capturing) other small ani-beast-critters in pet battles. … there must be a shorter term for that.

Anyway. I’m amused that even at their strongest, the battle pets have about 1k hit points.. which means that none of these battle pets are stronger than a single tick of a single dot.. which is inline with the fact that I normally /love and then cast corruption on the critters as I run by.

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Because it made me snortle

Reminded me of this:

Also of interest:
“Why do you hate the shape of breasts in plate armor so much?”

A tale of critters and battle pets

foxlingI hit 89 last night. Again it kind of snuck up on me.

While questing, I spotted a gold dot for a flower. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before.. but I’m one of -those- people when it comes to flowers.. you know, people hate questing with me because in the middle of making a bee line for the next objective I’ll abruptly veer off course to go pick a pretty pretty flower. In fact it’s to the point where if I see the gold dot on the mini-map I’m COMPELLED to go get the flower.. and when I -can’t- get the flower I start to feel a bit glum.
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Little bits of random

Random Bits

Random Bits

  • Running around Kun-Lai Summit. I’m thrilled to see tumbleweeds tumbling around. That amuses me. A lot.
  • I miss Death Coil. A quick grep of teh Intarwebs shows that “Death Coil” is now the name of a Death Knight thingy.. though honestly I remembered that.. and even way back (long, long ago when I tried to level a DK) I thought it was kind of cheap that they stole our spell name. Anyway, eventually teh Intarwebs coughed up the fact that the new equivalent to Death Coil is the talent Mortal Coil. So I fiddled that talent point around to get Mortal Coil instead of ShadowFury. Stunning a group for ~8 seconds is kind of meh to me.. but causing a mob to flee in horror tickles my funny bone. Especially if you take the very lenient view to snicker about the fact that while they’re “fleeing in horror” they’re technically also “shuffling off this mortal coil”… which is a euphemism for dieing.. to death. Idaknow.. it was funny to me. I guess you just had to be there.. in my head and all.
  • Is it just me? Everytime I hit “Mortal Coil” (or back in the day, Death Coil) I think to myself: “GET OFF ME”
  • Twice I’ve almost run smack through the middle of the Horde equivalent of Westwing Rest (the village which was on fire.. but then I saved it and made it into an Alliance outpost out in the high desert which is the Kun-Lai Summit). That thing where both factions get Pandarans is really going to mess me up.
  • I’m LOVING having “Spell Lock” available to me directly on my bar (since I’ve been Sacrificing the fel puppy) instead of having to depend on the puppy being available/close enough to counteract my target. I’m sure it was possible before all this sacrificing stuff.. but I am having -way- too much fun with it.
  • Speaking of which.. because of the large amount of love I’ve expressed in the past for my fel puppy I kind of expected to feel a twinge of.. what’s that word? .. You know.. Mages feel it all the time.. Oh yeah.. guilt. Yeah, I expected to feel guilty about sacrificing my pet all the time. Turns out.. not so much. I do kind of miss the company.. The “Grumble growl” as he runs off to attack the mob. His little.. um.. antenna that just stick out at the top of the water when we are swimming.. His happy little gallop as he runs back to me after we’ve killed something. Yeah.. I kind of miss his scaly behind. But not enough to -not- sacrifice him.
    Honestly I’m kind of glad it’s this way. It always seemed kind of bass-ackwards that Demonology, the spec that gets all its benefits from having a pet, was the spec doing the sacrificing. If anything you’d expect THEM to be all touch-y feel-y about the demons.
  • Have you ever been questing in an area.. and you see a group of mobs.. and you think to yourself: “Gee, I haven’t had a quest which involves that mob.. I must not be done with this area” ? Yeah.. I’m not thrilled about that.. I want the world (and by that I mean the World of Warcraft world) to be more random.. and for things to exist in a location simply because they exist in that location.. and for no other reason.. the fact that EVERYTHING seems to have a purpose somehow abuses my willing suspension of disbelief.. and every time I have the thought.. about some group of mobs.. it kind of startles me out of the immersion. So Blizz, WTB more random mobs.. just a few.. here and there.. you know.. to keep me guessing and on my toes. Please?
  • MetaHUD is dead. Long live DHUD. That said.. the new adopted author for DHUD, MAD111CAT, has made the assumption that all Warlocks use Demonic Fury. There’s a little tiny.. never used bar which is part of the HUD and I can’t get rid of it. It’s mildly annoying.. but not annoying enough for me to actually knuckle down and learn LUA programming (though I did skim the DHUD code and couldn’t come up with an easy/obvious fix.. but skimmed it enough to know that it’s spaghetti code through and through.. and if I -did- take up LUA programming I’d have a long and frustrating OCD battle on my hands to prevent myself from “fixing” the code to be less spaghetti. Nope.. it’s just better that I leave it as is.. and ignore the silly little never-disappearing useless freaking annoying bar.)
  • One thing MetaHud did that DHUD doesn’t do is show distances to your target. I miss that. May have to search out an update to that functionality.
  • Music in all the inns in Pandara is annoying. I mean like.. grating your teeth and fleeing in terror annoying. The idea that when I “sleep” in the game.. and my toon is staying in an “inn” and my toon has to listen to that ALL NIGHT LONG.. honestly it’d be enough to make me homicidal. Even just standing still in the inn while I skimmed DHUD’s LUA code about put me on edge. *shiver*

Button, Button. Who’s got the Button?

Razer Nostromo Gaming Keyboard

Razer Nostromo Gaming Keyboard

The good part about taking a nice long break is that when I come back I can look at my UI/setup with fresh eyes. I don’t remember where the buttons are.. or what they do.. and frankly half the buttons either no longer exist or no longer do the same thing.. so it’s a good chance to change it all up and re-do things entirely from the ground up. I’m currently working through my Nostromo and how it’s setup and rethinking a few things.

As I’ve mentioned before (long long ago and I’m sure you’ve all forgotten) I play with a Nostromo N52TE (I started with the N52 but it broke.. then I got a Belkin N52TE.. but it had a sticky button.. so recently I got the Razer N52TE… it’s just like the Belkin N52TE only without the sticky button)(Incidentally, I found the Belkin N52TE mapping software to be a lot easier to use than the Razer N52TE software). It’s an external accessory, kind of like an extra mini ergonomic keyboard that sits to the left of my actual keyboard. I’m right-handed. I play with my right hand on my mouse, left hand on the Nostromo and, when needed, I move both hands to my keyboard (opening various panels (bags, pets, professions), chatting, making macros, etc). I suppose I -could- play without it.. I’m sure there are plenty of people who manage just fine without it.. but -I- like it. I especially like the fact that it’s ergonomic (ie not going to trigger my RSI) and that I can reach 17-ish buttons without moving my hands.. and that I can easily map these to 40+ different actions in the game. All that without moving my hands off of the home keys on the Nostromo.
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So then I farmed some more carrots…

Christmas Bonfire at my parent's house 2012.

Christmas Bonfire at my parent’s house 2012.

Holidays were good. Got away from home and visited with the parents.. which means there was absolutely no WoW time over the break. I did get a few moments on New Years Day, after we got home, when I logged on, checked my presents under the tree and farmed some more carrots. Oh, and somewhere before I logged off for the Holiday I dinged 88.

So Ok, I get it. I have my own little personal farm. I can grow whatever I want. Yeah me. I played with it for a while.. I just grew whatever pleased me for a few days.. Witchberry, cabbage, pink turnips. Yeah just whatever. Then I realized that I’ve got random produce clogging up my bags. Let’s not even get started on all the CRAP clogging up my banker toon.. or the old Cataclysm stuff my ‘lock is -still- carrying around (because organizing your bags is WAY less interesting then running off to start questing). So after about two days I realized that just farming whatever was a silly idea and that if I was going to farm I should have a plan.

Luckily a plan jumped out at me as soon as I started to grok the new world of cooking. I now -get- that my ‘lock wants food from “The Way of the Pot”. So ok instead of leveling every path (is there any reason to do that at all?) I should focus on the Pot. Wandering down the tree it seems I want turtle meat and carrots.

A METRIC BUTT TON of carrots. Thus began my (rather boring) career as a carrot farmer.

Wow.. ok.. so boring I can’t actually think of anything else to write. So I guess I’ll stop there.

I grow carrots.. whew, glad that’s resolved.

[Edited to add:]
Here you go: bonus picture of my parent’s house. Yes, it is actually that gorgeous.

Neverdone Farmhouse December 2012

Neverdone Farmhouse December 2012

Demonic Gateway.. situational.. but interesting

WoWScrnShot_121812_213845Questing along I dinged 87 and barely noticed.. it turns out I also didn’t notice a new spell which showed up on my toolbar:
Demonic Gateway

Last night I was mulling over my toolbar trying to improve my casting sequence (ie, make it less awkward and make sure I’m hitting all the buttons I should be hitting) when I finally noticed this new spell.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I wonder what this does.”

So I cast it.. and spent a long while playing with it.. in fact almost the full 15 mintues. Yes.. at one point I actually did cackle with glee. It’s fun.. Possibly situational.. but still fun.

When you click the spell you get a targeting thingy which will determine where the other end of the gateway will be. The gateway will be 20-70 yards from your current location. So put down the other end of the gateway, complete the cast and you end up with a green and a purple gateway with an eye of Sauron over it. If you wait a while you start seeing more dots show up around the gateway to a maximum of 5 with new ones regenerating every 15 seconds.

When you use the gateway you get enclosed in a bubble and sped from this gateway to that gateway.

After speeding through the air it looks like I get a 15 second buff that discourages things from attacking me. It also prevents me from using the gateway until the buff expires.

Things I wonder:
– Will setting down a gateway aggro a mob? I suppose I can test this tonight by making one near something aggressive.
– I get that the gateway requires line of sight.. so I can’t jump through walls this way.. Does the gateway require me to be able to physically travel to somewhere? Can I be at the top of a cliff.. and put the gateway at the bottom of the cliff and travel that way?
– If there’s an open door.. and I place the gateway outside the door.. can I use the gateway later, after the door closes to go through the door?


Eats, shoots, and leaves

wwd_eats-shoots-and-leaves_v01Whelp, I’m still here.

“Mists of Pandara” is on sale for $30. It seemed silly to try out the game for 10 days without the expansion.. so I plunked down my money and expanded. My warlock is now 87.5 and wandering around the Valley of the Four Winds.

– Tweaking my UI makes me happy. I don’t think it’ll ever be perfect. It’s like a mini-game where I make up the rules and decide when I’ve won. Anyway, UI Tweaking is going well. I’ve only had one quest so far where my UI interfered with a quest(A Lesson in Bravery, the “Escape Claws” button never showed up on my UI. It looks like I need to enable “extra action button bar” through bartender.)
– Lili, the child, is precocious almost to the point of annoyance. It’s a good thing I can’t shoot her because there a couple of times I have reached for those buttons.
– Color me surprised. WoW now has farming.. and player housing.. sort of. A whole new category of ways to waste time. I like the way it hand-held me through how it’s done. I guess I’ll wait and see how I feel about it after a while. I hadn’t heard about that in anything I’d read (granted I hadn’t read much).. so I’m still trying to puzzle out the point where it becomes fun. I get that it’s an easier way to get mats needed for cooking.. I’m just not sure if it’s fun or yet-another-grind.
– Second thought on player housing.. I read up on it and it seems you can decorate your house… which seems like an odd choice.. considering you’re the only one who can ever visit your house. Just.. odd.
– Last night the game hand-held me through my first Pandaran instance. At least I think that’s what was happening. Lili, Chen and Mudmug took me through Stormstout Brewery… I think we only hit the boss fights. I’ll be interested to see if the 5-man version of the boss fights mimics the single-player version. Frankly I think this is a very interesting idea. Instead of starting off the instance with NO idea of how to do the boss fights I’ve now “seen” them once and have some vague clue about what I’m supposed to be doing. Bravo Blizz.
– The cooldown on Soulswap is annoying.. but I’m not sure it’s as useful if it doesn’t leave the dots behind. Must consider.
– Thank you Poneria for the quick and dirty Pawn scale (posted in her article about Reforging by Hand). I wanted something to get me going without actually having to generate it myself and you saved me a lot of effort.
– Quests only seem to give a single reward. It just occurred to me that I haven’t had to sort through the different armor types to figure out which cloth piece is for me or different weapons to figure out what I can wield. Interesting. It certainly makes it easier.
– Wands are annoying. I think I’ve got some UI thingy twiddled that makes it so if I right-click a mob my wand automatically starts shooting it. Annoying. Need to find that to untwiddle it.. or stop using a wand.